Yeh Rishta Kirti Naksh face the unexpected and go through mixed emotions. Kartik falls helpless and loses Krish for once and all. He realizes very well that he didn’t had any right on Krish, since Krish is his nephew, not his son. Kartik accepts the truth with much pain, and wants Naira to understand this as well. He knows he is compelling Naira to accept the truth from which he was keeping her away till now. Kartik gets the sorry card for Naira and tells her that he was much prepared mentally to reveal the truth to her, since he didn’t wish her hopes to get more high regarding their claim on Krish. Kartik tries to explain his stand to his family, who don’t support him.

Kartik feels lost in his life. He has already missed the chance to achieve fatherhood. He wishes his family, especially Goenkas forgive him and understand that he has taken this step for Naira. Singhanias blame him for snatching Naira’s rights furthermore by this big deceive. Naira can’t separate Krish from her. She decides to take the extreme step of claiming Krish’s rights.
Naksh and Kirti’s pain and tears touch Naira’s heart. She loses Krish to his real parents. Naira fails to come to terms with the shocking reality. Kartik reaches Naira to console her sorrow. Naira blames Kartik for mocking her motherly feelings by lying to her. Kartik gets accused by Naira too. Naksh, Kirti and Singhanias see the pain Naira is going through after losing Krish. Naksh and Kirti didn’t wish Naira to fall in such a trouble. They sympathize with Naira and get a thought of sacrificing their parenthood for Naira’s sake. They stay angered on Kartik’s misdeed and doesn’t find him deserving of fatherhood. Will Naksh and Kirti give Krish back to a much needy mother Naira? How will Kartik explain his stand and intentions to his beloved Naira? Keep reading.

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