The ongoing track of in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is high on drama as Sikandar is trying his best to find Kulfi who is gone missing and is having a tough time in her new school where Ammaji is torturing her. Sikandar is in a dilemma as the current situation as both his daughters Kulfi and Amyra are in trouble. Both the kids are fighting the worst battle and here Kulfi has to suffer bitter torture in the remand home. In the remand home Ammaji is trying all kind of things to torture Kulfi and on the other hand, Amyra is fighting her battle for life.
Doctors inform Sikandar that something poisonous has been given to Amyra externally and that has put Amyra’s life in danger. Sikandar is worried for Amyra and informs Lovely about the same and she is in shock and the condition of her daughter is critical and she has to be blamed for it. It will be interesting to see how Sikandar will save Amyra and will he ever come to know that Lovely is behind all this.

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