Naagin 3: Bela Mahir’s master plan splits back in deadly way, Villains in action mode
Colors supernatural show Naagin 3 is up for the battle to begin amid Ruhi and Bela.

As per the current situation, Mahir and Bela execute their master plan where Bela’s sister Juhi disguises as Mahir and sits in wedding mandap with Ruhi.

While Mahir and Bela get remarried in reality, here Juhi as Krish fools Ruhi and her allies.

But who knew that Mahir and Bela’s master plan to fool their enemies will split back in the end.

Juhi in danger
It will be seen that while Mahir and Bela with Vish and Vikrant celebrate their victory,
Here Juhi gets stuck in problem when Yuvi catches her in Krish disguise.

What will happen now?

Will Mahir and Bela be able to expose fake Ruhi?

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