Naagin 3: Bela’s new plan against Ruhi to digging in Hukum’s death grave
The thriller saga Naagin 3 is all set to see further Bela’s planning and plotting against Ruhi.

As per the current track, Bela, Vish, Vikrant and Mahir cleverly mislead Ruhi.

While Bela smartly gets into Hukum’s cave, there she completes the two conditions.

But one condition is still left for Bela to complete and kill Hukum closing his chapter forever.

Bela and Mahir team up
Bela’s lover Mahir is also helping Bela in defeating evil Huzoor Ruhi and her Hukum.
While Ruhi eventually learns the truth that Mahir is alive, and Bela married Mahir, not Krish, she plans to target Mahir while here Bela executes her next plan.

Let’s wait and see what happens next in the show.

Who will win this deadly battle Ruhi or Bela?

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