Kumkum Bhagya: Big Twist Finally Aaliya to get Tanu arrested on Kiara's murder charges
The latest storyline in Kumkum Bhagya is witnessing a lot of high voltage drama.

The Mehra Family is facing a hard time while Kiara is kidnapped by Nikhil.

Though Tanu is the real mastermind behind this kidnapping mystery, here comes Police to interrogate Mehra Family about the suspect.

However, Aaliya is no more in favor to Tanu or Nikhil, she determines to get Kiara's culprit punished.

Kiara takes last breathe 
The situation takes worse shape and Abhi, Ashish and King Singh fail to rescue the little girl Kiara.
Therefre, Pragya will blame Abhi for Kiara's sudden demise while then only Aaliya will report Tanu to Police.

It would be quite interesting to watch if this time Tanu will get punished for her sins.

Stay tune for more latest updates.

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