Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Danger surrounds Anurag Prerna and their baby, Komolika goes revengeful
The love birds Anurag and Prerna are going to face a challenging time in their life in the upcoming track of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2.

As per the current situation, Anurag accepts Prerna as his wife while he is still not ready to accept Komolika.

Adding a big twist in the tale, Prerna has announced her stay with Anurag and that in Basu Mansion only.

And the war thus begins amid Komolika and Prerna with this major turning point in the storyline.

Fear settled in Anurag’s heart
Meanwhile, Anurag’s friend alerts Anurag of dangerous Komolika while he advises him to protect Prerna from her.
While Prerna is still hiding her pregnancy from Anurag,

Here Komolika has started planning and plotting to separate Prerna from Anurag.

Let’s wait and see for what more happens next.

How Anurag will protect Prerna and their baby from evil Komolika?

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