Naagin 3: Fake Ruhi finds out Bela's top secret, Mahir's life in grave danger
The coming up high voltage melodrama in Naagin 3 will see open fight between Ruhi and Bela.

So far seen that how Bela and Mahir execute their master plan and plot Juhi as Krish.

While Krish (Juhi) marries Ruhi and here real Mahir gets married to Bela,

Bela executes her Plan B and thus finally gets into Hukum's cave where she completes the two conditions of Lord Shiva which will lead to Hukum and Huzoor's destruction.

But Bela's one blunder mistake will now turn grave danger for Mahir.

Ruhi plans against Bela 
As soon as Ruhi reaches Sehgal house, here Yuhi discloses about Juhi playing the role of fake Krish.

And thus Ruhi and Yuvi track down the truth that the person who married Bela is Mahir.

Will Bela be able to protect her love from Huzoor Ruhi and Hukums deadly plan?

Let's wait and see what happens next.

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