The ongoing track of Naagin 3 is filled with drama, as Bela’s fight against Hukum has begun and he has now abducted her.

In the previous episode, Bela, Vishaka, and Vikrant are stuck in Hukum’s deadly trap. While Hukum’s men catch Vishaka, Bela fails to attack him and is trapped in his chakravyuh.

Meanwhile, Mahir is unaware of Bela’s fight against Hukum.

Hukum wants a physical relationship with Bela to give birth to their son Andharkar Sur, who would rule over the world,
His dreams finally come to an end when Mahir comes to Bela's rescue.
Viewers will see a deadly fight between Bela and Hukum while Vikrant, Vish, and Mahir fight Hukum's men.

It will be interesting to see how Bela defeats Hukum and saves everyone.

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