Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Furious Amyra questions Lovely Sikandar seeing Kulfi back
In the coming up episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, the time has come when Sikandar will finally reach his long time missing daughter Kulfi.

As per the ongoing track, Sikandar announces Amyra’s grand birthday party where he has invited remand home kids.

However, the big surprise comes in Amyra’s birthday where Kulfi and her friends come on the stage to give a performance.

While everyone enjoys the performance, Sikandar feels Kulfi's presence in the party while he recalls his moments with Kulfi.

Big shock for Amyra 
While Amyra doesn't want Kulfi to ever make her return in her life,

Amyra gets really shocked seeing Kulfi on the stage.
Will Amyra be able to face this big shocker?

Will Amyra ever accept Kulfi?

It would be quite interesting to watch how Sikandar and Kulfi will meet.

Stay tune for more updates.

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