High Drama Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Komolika get married when the latter agrees to go ahead with the marriage without the sindoor rasam. Komolika lies to her dad and guests that Anurag is allergic to Sindoor, and that’s why he is refusing to complete the Sindoor daan rasam. Pandit tells them that marriage won’t be regarded complete without the Sindoor ritual. Komolika tells them that she will announce the marriage complete for the world by wearing Mangasutra by Anurag’s hands, since even nuptial chain is regarded an important thing. She tells the family that she is fortunate to get Anurag’s love and nothing else matters to her.

She compels Anurag to marry her. Anurag gets heartbroken while fighting with his dilemma over ditching his love Prerna. Anurag gets shattered while performing the Mangalsutra ritual. On the other hand, Prerna gets depressed about her pregnancy. She madly runs on the road, sinking in sorrow and tears, wishing to end everything rightly. Prerna collapses on the road. Anurag and Komolika head for the reception party thrown by Chobey. Anurag deeply misses Prerna and thinks of the big injustice he has done with her.
He sinks into her memories, which irks Komolika. She doesn’t want Anurag to ignore her. She pretends happy after their marriage, and goes on hurting Anurag’s heart. Anurag finds Prerna in a bad state while he crosses his way through the same road. He rushes to help Komolika, and takes her to the hospital. Anurag will be learning about Prerna’s pregnancy, while Komolika will determine to kill Prerna.

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