Scene 1
Tara comes near deep with a sword. Deep recognizes and fights back. Tara says your hand is bleeding. I didn’t want to do this. You can’t see.. Deep says never dare saying that again. SHe says I am sorry. He says keep fighting. She says don’t blame me if you get injured. Deep shoves her on ground. His man comes and says the blood was Arohi’s. Deep says welcome her into my dark world. She has answers to my questions.

Netra comes to deep’s house. Someone hits her head and she falls down. She faints.
Netra’s house’s door rings. Her father opens. No one is there. He reads with blood written save your daughter… He falls down in shock. Someone calls him and says save your daughter from death if you can.

Netra is roped on a chair. She says who is it. Deep comes. Netra says who are you.. Why have you locked me here. What have I done? Let me go please. Someone throws water on her. Netra can’t sees his face. SHe says what have I done?
Netra’s mom sees her dad fainted on the floor. She screams and gives him inhaler. He says see the pillar. SHe screams.
Deep asks what happened on 28th fe? She says I don’t know anything. Please let me go.
Netra wakes up and screams. wasu says relax. She says you all. Wasu says saw a bad dream? She says it felt like reality. someone was asking me questions. Deep says you fell and your head was bleeding. I think that’s why you are dreaming so. Deep holds her hand. She is scared.

Netra’s dad is worried for her. Her mother asks him to calm down. Arohi runs on the roads. She falls on street. A car comes towards Arohi. She asks for help. She sees a goon who she saw in kidnapped days.
Netra comes home. her father asks why is she injured. She says I fell. They are so nice they gave me day off. She says papa I felt like I was roped but deep and his family said it could be a dream but it felt like reality. Ma gives her milk. She says I might have been dreaming. She says in heart it still feels like reality. The car hits arohi.
Precap-Netra comes home. No one is there. It is all dark.

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