Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Prerna confronts Mohini Nivi furiously warns them to stay away from her and Anurag's marital life
Star Plus leading TV Show Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 is witnessing Prerna's open fight against her enemies.

Once again Prerna's mastermind plan splits water onto Mohini, Nivi and Komolika's conspiracy to keep her away from Anurag.

Prerna smartly proves Anurag innocent and gets him released from jail while Komolika is still behind bars.

And there she returns to Basu Mansion with her hubby Anurag leaving everyone stumbled in the family.

Furious Mohini and Nivi confront Prerna while Prerna mocks them before they could speak a word against her.
Prerna's open fight continues 
Prerna warns Mohini and Nivi to stay away from her and Anurag's marital life.

While Nivi gets furious and slaps her, Prerna holds Nivi's hand while she gives last warning to them to not try to ruin their marital life or she will destroy their plans alike she did today.

It would be really exciting to watch how Prerna will win her love back knocking out evil Komolika.

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