The Episode starts with Veena giving some work to Shivani. Shivani gets blank calls. Veena asks whose call is it. Shivani says don’t know. Veena gives her the list and goes. Anurag thinks Prerna has took over my room, like my heart, I m upset on her stupidity, why is she ruining her life, I didn’t imagine she will strongly face everyone, I loved the way when she has shut Komolika up. Komolika comes and says Prerna is challenging me, I won’t spare her. Anurag asks who are you calling up. She says I m calling dad to get rid of Prerna. He stops her and asks her to call him when she has lost to Prerna, can’t she handle her. She says she has taken over my room, you rejected her and you are here in guest room, who lost then. He says your problem is mine, you are my wife, I want you to share all your problems with me, not with your dad, I know you are a strong woman, I m with you as your husband. She says I will go and finish the packing. She goes.

Its morning, Shivani is in the market. She sees someone around. She leaves. The guy follows her. She gets caught by him. He removes the hood and says you are trying to run away from me, I love you a lot, I thought a lot, it was a huge mistake, you have sent me to jail, how can you do that, I tried to stay away from you, but I couldn’t. Shivani says you don’t love me, you are a selfish man. He says I told you I love you and want your love in return, our life will be perfect. She says there is nothing like before between us, I found out who is your sister, don’t come close to me, don’t follow me, I will call the police. The man asks do you have any problem. She goes. Ronit says its our personal matter. He says how long will you run away, you have to come back to me eventually. Mohini does Anurag and Komolika’s aarti. She blesses them. Anupam says you should have done research and went abroad.
Komolika says Anurag is imp to me than the place. Mohini says Kalindi is a good resort, you can enjoy there. Anupam jokes. Mohini stares at him. Komolika thinks where is Prerna, won’t she come to wish us a happy journey. She says I think I forgot something, I will just come. Anurag thinks why is she going upstairs. Komolika looks for Prerna. She says maybe she got scared and ran away. She laughs. She says Nivedita, I went to annoy Prerna, I didn’t find her in the room. Nivedita says that’s strange, don’t know where she is. Komolika says its good if she has run away. They see Prerna near the car. She asks do you want to come with us. Prerna says no, I get troubled by travelling in the car, I came to bid you bye, I have arranged the another car, since the driver called up and informed that he won’t come. Mohini says I will call up and check. She calls the driver and says you didn’t come. He says sorry, I m bedridden, I called at your house to inform that I can’t come today. Mohini says the driver is ill. Prerna says I will need time to win your trust.

Nivedita says its imp to reach there, Komolika and Anurag have a safe trip. Anurag thanks Prerna for the good job. He holds Komolika’s hand and takes her. Komolika says you changed your mind so much, you said you will stop us and now you are dying to send us. Prerna says its fun when you watch the climax slowly as in films, I will spoil your honeymoon, you will think why didn’t Prerna stop me, enjoy. Komolika says I will and sits in the car. She says bye Prerna, we will miss you a lot on our honeymoon. Prerna says not for too long. They leave. Prerna goes back. Mohini says good thing is Anurag and Komolika are together, Prerna is dreaming to be my bahu, I don’t like taking to her, she has forced me to do this, we need to do something Nivedita. Prerna gets thinking of Anurag. FB shows Prerna saying mum has agreed. Anurag says yes, she loves you. He says there are six days left for our marriage, if you have a place in mind for honeymoon. She says Kalindi, there are good beaches, I want us to hold each other’s hand and roam around. He hugs her. FB ends. Prerna says thanks Komolika for this challenge, I will stop this honeymoon. Komolika thinks why did Prerna help us, why am I thinking about her, no….
The car stops. Driver says I will just check it. Komolika says its strange place. Anurag thinks strange, she gets scared too. He asks are you scared. She says no, why would I be scared, you are with me. He says of course. Driver says the ignition isn’t happening, you have to push the car, we can find a garage and hotel on the way, I can’t push the car, my hand is wounded, you and madam should push the car together. Anurag says I will manage. Komolika thinks Prerna did this, she didn’t wish me to reach the honeymoon destination. She asks driver to call for another car. Anurag says it means it will take 4-5 hours. He pushes the car. Komolika thinks none can fail me. She says fine, I will push the car, we have to reach fast. Driver says I will inform my boss on video call. Komolika tries hard to push the car. Prerna watches this and laughs. Prerna thinks this is the only beginning.

Komolika says Prerna wants to spoil our honeymoon. Anurag says relax, I will talk to her. He scolds Prerna on the video call and says we will have our honeymoon, you can’t snatch our happiness. Prerna taunts them.

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