The Episode starts with Komolika telling Prerna about her first night. She shows the bed and says its heart shaped, and flowers… Prerna says driver called me and said you were shouting on him like a lunatic. Komolika says you will go mad seeing this, I m an intelligent girl, I didn’t let your plan work, I want to thank you, you made this plan, we have found out this beautiful hotel, now Anurag and I are in this room, we are going to have fun at this grand skylight hotel. She says I should turn off the camera, you can’t see what will happen with us.

Komolika says I didn’t get such adventure before. He thinks its time for some acting. He says I m so excited that you are with me. She says what will happen to you when I wear that special outfit. She goes to change. He says I have to convince her that I love her without coming close to her, what shall I do. Prerna worries and says they are alone in the room, what would they be doing. Anurag and Komolika romance. Humma humma….plays…. Prerna imagines this and says no….. I did a mistake, but the idea was nice, they should have not found a hotel, they are in same room, think, what should I do. She gets an idea.
Komolika comes to woo Anurag. He thinks what do I do now, how will I avoid her, sickness? Should I make an excuse of sickness. Komolika asks how is my dress. She holds his hand. He says to be honest, the dress you had worn before was better. She says I know you are shy, don’t say anything, just look at me. He runs to washroom and says I will be back. She asks are you fine, what happened. He thinks what to do, I m in trouble now, why did Prerna stop the car near this hotel, we would have got stuck near some jungle, what’s this honeymoon challenge.

Police comes to the hotel and checks the rooms. Komolika asks Anurag to open the door. He says I m coming. Police knocks the door. She asks who’s this, Anurag there is someone at the door. She checks. Police gets in and asks who is there with you. She says my husband. He says husband and wife would have gone to a good standard hotel, not such cheap hotel. She scolds inspector. He says I know women like you. She throws water on his face. She asks Anurag to come fast, they are arresting her. Anurag comes and asks what’s happening. He also gets caught.

At police station, Komolika argues with the inspector. Anurag looks on. Inspector asks her to confess her crime. She says confession my foot. He says put her in lockup. She says its my right to make one phone call. He asks her to call anyone she wants. Anurag thinks Komolika isn’t scared of laws. She thinks why isn’t dad answering, I will call Mishka. Constable says you can just make one call. Komolika asks did you see me talking, shut up. Komolika asks Mishka why isn’t dad answering. Mishka says he is in Delhi, he went for imp work, what happened. Komolika says police arrested me and Anurag. Mishka asks what, is he fine.
Komolika says he is your Jijaji, come to police station and free us, they think I m his mistress and I took money from him to stay with him. Mishka laughs. Komolika says come here and free us. Mishka says I m sure Prerna did this, I m coming. She orders juice drink and says I m very happy, finally someone taught a lesson to Komolika. Anurag thinks I m at police station and enjoying it, the police is always late, today police came on right time and saved me from Komolika. Komolika asks why are you laughing, use your contacts, get us out of here.

Anurag says relax, I will talk to him. He goes to inspector and says we are really husband and wife. Inspector says that couple also pretend the same, tell me if you have a proof. Komolika asks who carries marriage certificate on honeymoon. Inspector says call someone who can testify. Anurag says I will call. Inspector says you give me number, I will call and find out. Anurag gives Mohini’s number. Komolika asks whose number did you give. He says mom’s. Mohini is busy in a card party. Her friends praise Komolika. Prerna comes. The lady asks who is she. Mohini says a bad shadow, who isn’t leaving us, Anurag can never love her. Prerna thinks Mohini’s phone is ringing, its in her room. Mohini says I will soon kick out Prerna from the house. Prerna answers the call. Inspector says we have arrested Anurag and Komolika, do you know them. Prerna says yes. He asks can you come to police station. She says sure.
Prerna comes to police station with some ladies. The ladies scold Komolika.

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