The Episode starts with Sheela warning Anurag. He says Komolika is good here in jail, I shall leave, I usually sleep early. Sheela asks Prerna to be careful, Anurag isn’t innocent as he appears. Anurag says we are getting late. Anurag and Prerna leave. Komolika says how dare Mishka come late, if she doesn’t give me a valid reason for coming late, I won’t leave her. She scolds the jail inmate. Anurag is on the way with Prerna and thinks I feel good that you are with me, but you have to leave me so that you can stay happy. She asks why are you looking at me like this. He says no, I m not. She says don’t lie, I saw you, you know lying, I don’t. The driver says the tyre for punctured. He says I will go to garage and call someone. He goes.

He thinks I won’t tell anything to Prerna, she should feel that I love Komolika, I have to fill hatred for myself in her heart. They get down the car. He says the day is bad for me, I had planned a lot, it was my honeymoon night with my wife Komolika, luckily we got that hotel room, she had worn that nightie, she was looking so hot, when she came close to me, we were so close, then she touched me and I started feeling something, it was a weird feeling, there is some magic in her, everything got spoiled because of you. The driver gets help. Anurag says why don’t you and Komolika patch up, we all can stay together. Prerna says shut up, I m not interested in you, you were never meant for me, you deserve to be with Komolika. He says I know, I was always a boring person for you. She says yes, you are. He says yes. Her saree cloth falls over his face. Ek ladki ko dekha…..plays….. He goes to ask driver how much will this take.
The man says just some time. Anurag thinks I never thought of this. Mishka says Komolika is my sister, we belong to respectable family. Inspector says she misbehaved with me, I will keep her in lockup for one night to teach her a lesson. Mishka says let her go, I guarantee you, she will never misbehave, please leave her. Inspector says there is a lot of difference between you and her, she is so arrogant. Mishka says she is Nika, I mean very arrogant. Komolika gets freed and shouts on inspector. Mishka stops Komolika and takes her. Anurag sees Prerna sleeping and dropping her head aside. Phir bhi tumko….plays… He gives his shoulder. Prerna sleeps over his shoulder. He smiles. They reach home. She wakes up and gets away. Anupam collides with Mohini. He says Anurag has come, I just saw him. Mohini says how did he come back so soon. Anupam thinks it means Prerna ruined their honeymoon. Komolika asks where are you. Mishka says I had parking issues. Komolika says I have forgiven you many times, this time I will punish you if you do anything, I will never forget Prerna, I will torture her now. Mishka asks what will you do.

Komolika says something that no one can imagine. She goes. Mishka thinks what will she do now. Mohini and Nivedita ask Anurag what happened, is he fine, where is Komolika. Prerna comes. Nivedita asks what is she doing here. Anurag says ask Prerna, she knows, I have to make imp calls to free Komolika from lockup. Prerna says she is in lockup. Nivedita says I m sure that you are the reason, you did a big mistake. Mohini says how dare you do this. Prerna says I m bahu of this house, don’t question me. Mohini says I can’t talk to such ill mannered girl, nothing is good, no one is happy since she has come here. Nivedita says yes, she is getting all comforts here, how did police arrest Komolika. Prerna says Komolika committed a crime, so police arrested her, police supports the victim, Mohini did mistake to send my husband on honeymoon with another woman, so I saved him from the trap.

Nivedita says Komolika isn’t the other woman. Prerna says I m Anurag’s wife, Komolika was wrong, when I knew that my husband is going on honeymoon, I had to stop them, if my husband is forced to do this, I will keep spoiling such plans. Nivedita says that’s it Prerna. Prerna shouts on her and says a girl’s house is her Sasural after marriage, you won’t know that, you still live in your Maayka. Mohini shouts Prerna, don’t. Prerna says anger is not good for your health, if anyone tries to break my family, I won’t keep quiet. She goes. Nivedita says this middle class girl… Mohini says she can become a servant but not this house’s bahu. Anupam comes to Anurag and says you said you are going to rescue Komolika, but you are sitting relaxed here. Anurag says it all happened good. Anupam says you got happy that your honeymoon got spoiled, how did you get saved from Komolika. Anurag says I got saved by difficulty, I ran to the bathroom. He tells everything. He says Komolika told the hotel name in overconfidence, Police came there, Prerna got NGO women to insult Komolika, Prerna rescued me from other woman. Prerna comes to the room. She says I m tired and want to rest. Anupam goes. Anurag looks at Prerna. Zindagi…..plays…. He thinks of her and goes.
Komolika says Anurag will apply all colors to me. Anurag throws colors at Prerna and challenges her. She throws colors at him.

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