The Episode starts with Komolika asking Prerna to give the proof of her marriage. Nivedita says maybe Prerna has seen this dream that she married Anurag, the fact is Anurag’s wife is Komolika. Prerna says I said I m his first wife and she is second one. Veena comes to Prerna’s room with breakfast. She asks where are you. She looks for her. Shivani says I got all the things, I don’t know about Prerna. Veena says you know everything, if you lie to me today. Shivani says I swear, I don’t know.

Mohini asks when did you get married, do you have any proof, did your mum, sister or friend come in your marriage, just get out, I know you have no proof. Prerna says it will be better we go to room and talk, nobody is listening to anything here, okay. Mohini asks her to get out. Prerna says mummy ji, I have equal rights on this house, no one can make me out of here, first marriage is considered valid, Anurag has married me first. Mohini shouts shut up, enough, you have created enough drama, you are not a girl to tell you about marriage rituals, do you have the proof. Prerna asks Anurag do you also want the proof. Komolika says yes.
Prerna asks you mean the pics are necessary for marriage. Komolika says I have taken seven rounds with him in front of the world. Prerna says Durga Maa is the witness of our marriage, someone asked me to fight for my rights, I will fight and win, I will give you the proof. She goes out. Mohini asks Anurag what is she saying, did you marry her. Nivedita says tell us she is lying. Mohini says she is just confusing us, she won’t come back, she has no proof. She asks pandit to start the puja. Prerna goes and asks pandit to come with her. Prerna comes back to them. She says all of were asking me, who was present at our wedding, who blessed us, the pandit had blessed us. Pandit walks in. Everyone looks on. Prerna asks Anurag did you recognize him, he blessed us afer our marriage. He says yes, I remember. Everyone gets shocked.

Prerna says you said the truth. She asks Mohini what happened, you were asking who was there, he was there, when I learnt about Anurag’s second marriage, I tried to stop it, like he tried to stop my marriage with Navin, I was in pain and went to that temple where you gave me vows, I got shattered and cried, I asked Mata why did she do this with me, then pandit gave me sindoor, which you had given me. FB shows pandit giving her sindoor and asking her to fill it in her maang. Prerna says no, I m not married. He says you are married, when that boy applied sindoor to your forehead, some sindoor got on your maang, the thread which I gave you was not ordinary, its given to couples, you both exchanged the thread, it was powerful than garlands. FB ends.
Pandit says when I came to bless, you both hugged each other. Mohini asks is this true. Anurag says yes. FB shows Prerna giving the prasad to them and blessing them. Mohini says this wedding can’t be accepted. Prerna says that day, mahurat was such that it comes in 15 years, if anyone exchanges thread, its called marriage. She shows the thread. She says Anurag made me wear this and promised me that he will support me all life. Mohini cries. Prerna says after the marriage, two souls united, it was not a lie, not a pretence like you. Nivedita asks her to get out.

Prerna says I m real bahu of this house, I m not Komolika, who has no right to speak, I m not going anywhere, I will be staying here from today. She thanks pandit for telling truth to everyone. Mohini says no one here would believe you, get out of here. Mishka thinks someone has defeated Komolika for the first time, she would be very angry. Pandit says whatever this girl told about that day is true, the mahurat was really special, the marriage is valid if guy and girl exchange the holy thread, Mohini ji, Anurag and Komolika’s marriage happened by all rituals, but the problem is he is already married, he has filled Mata’s feet sindoor in Prerna’s maang, just Prerna has the right to be called Anurag’s first wife.
Someone asks Anurag to keep Prerna away from Komolika. Prerna and Komolika argue. Anurag looks on.

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