Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi finds Ammaji’s past, decides to change Ammaji’s heartless mindset
The upcoming track in Star Plus leading show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will see high pitch melodrama.

Kulfi is stuck in big mess as soon as she finds that she is living in a juvenile home.

There comes Sikandar tracks down the remand house but fails to find Kulfi as Ammaji misleads him.

The situation will now take worse shape as Ammaji is so heartless because of her past and now Kulfi gets hint of the same.

Kulfi to find Ammaji's truth 
It will be seen that Kulfi will dig out Ammaji's past and the reason behind why she is so ruthless towards all the kids.

Will Kulfi be able to change Ammaji's mindset?

Or she will land herself in any new trouble?

Stay tune for more updates.

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