Amyra says dad I can’t share you with Kulfi even when she is your daughter, never,sikander says god she knows it, Lovely says yes this is why she didn’t want to loose you, she isn’t at fault, it’s my fault I will fix things, I will give you kulfis address get her, amyra says no mom, I have very less time left let me send it with him as I want, if Kulfi is back, he will spend more time with her and forget me,sikander hugs amyra.

Kulfi upset about failed plan, she starts cribbing, and says how will I see Baba now,Raghav asks where is Kulfi, Kulfi says here i am crying in font you, he says that’s not our girl, she is so strong and is always happy and motivated, I know who you are you are 186, Kulfi says I’m Kulfi not 186, kids start laughing at Kulfi, Raghav motivates kulfi,
Kulfi says we will show Amaji our strength we won’t lose hopes, Zinda says for first time I’m not scared of leaving this place, Raghav gets cupcakes and says on your first day you were punished because of us, today party from us, Kulfi hugs them.
Sikander says to Lovely look because of you,what’s happening, Amyra says no you are at fault, you broke promise you went to Kulfi, I missed you so much, go to her when I die,sikander says stop it, amyra says promise me you wing bring kulfi here till I’m alive please, sikander helpless promises amyra, amyra says you won’t break the promise right,sikander says I won’t and hugs amyra. Amyra says I’m you daughter till I’m alive, you won’t call Kulfi or get her back, and puts sikanders hand on her forehead, amyra collapses, sikander promises helplessly.

Raghav says don’t worry Kulfi, you soon will be with your dad and all have cake. Sikander broken, sits alone missing kulfi,sikander finds a picture of Kulfi, and says how did this come here, sikander remembers him searching for kulfi and says god this means it’s kulfis address and rushes, soon remembers his promise, Sikander talks to nimrat and says same episode is repeating, I have to leave Kulfi alone for amyra.

Ama walks in class, sees Vaishali and kulfi together, Ama says 186 you think you can break my rule and you wing be punished, how does your kurti have ash on it, Raghav says we asked 186 to clean oven, Ama scolds Raghav speak when your spoken too,and asks him to leave and kulfi to get cleaned. Kulfi sees Raghav steak the watch.
Sikander with Amyra, amyra says I wanted to do so many things, wanted to go Disney land with you,wear princess dress, but god is calling me and I don’t want to and wanted to celebrate lot of birthdays. Kulfi sees lot of watches stolen by him, other kids from gang walk in, and ask why did he do that. Bebe asks what are we doing tomorrow for amyras birthday, sikander remembers about remand home and says I have an idea. Kulfi says you are such a good person why did you steal then,he says my dad was very sick I use to keep listening to his heart beat and one day it stopped, watch helps me remind of his heart beat,and can’t sleep without sound of clock, Kulfi hugs him.

Pre cap : Ama asks kids to prepare a song, and says tomorrow we are attending a party and you have to sing that song and entertain them. It’s Sikanders house and Amyras party.

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