Kulfi says I will follow what ama said, she trusted me and I will do what Ama said. Kids discussing about how to piss Ama, Kulfi joins the assembly. Ama says today there will inspection and I want you to impress him, Kulfi thinks oh so nice guests visit boarding school, I will work hard to treat them well. Ama calls kulfi. Kids discuss about pissing inspector. Ama asks kulfi to keep her eyes and ears open, Kulfi says yes Ama and leaves. Ama finds her watch missing.

Sikander making arrangements to clean Amyras room, lovely near by and says god I’m so sorry I had no options then but punish me not my amyra, Kulfi gets in the kitchen and sees kids cooking, Kulfi misses Sikander and remembers how she and Sikander use to cook pinni and have it. Kulfi says baba I’m missing you, Kulfi hides and starts crying, kids adds stone in muffins, Kulfi sees it, and says Ama was right these kids are very naughty, Rajan walks in and says officer is here come out with muffins.
Cleaner finds bottle of poison near bed and hands it to sikander, sikander busy on call. Lovely makes a herbal drink for amyra as antidote. Lovely walks to amyra and asks mom is this all happening to me because of what you made me drink, Lovely says I did this to bring you and your dad close please don’t tell this to your dad, now have this you will feel better, sikander stops her.
Ama introduces officer to kids and says they made muffins for you, there’s smoke in the hall, Ama asks Rajan to go check, Kulfi makes the smoke to stop officer from having muffins. Sikander asks lovely what is this, lovely says it’s herbal, Sikander throws it and says let doctor do his part and you keep away, her reports will tell what’s wrong, princess you rest.

Kulfi gets near the kids, Ama says it’s for mosquitoes. Sikander talks to doctor and says yes I have done cleaning. Ama informs officer and shows him what is given to kids, Kulfi sees and says fun. Kulfi helps officer clean coat, she thanks Kulfi. Sikander on his way looking for kulfi, he gets confused looking for what way to go,and remembers how Kulfi once helped him sort a solution by listening to what heart says, Sikander does as kulfi said and chooses his path.

Kulfi gets into room, and slips, she gets scared, seeing leaves fly at her ,and darkness, she requests to put on the lights and not scare her. A guy finds a hanky,later begs Sikander, Sikander gives him huge amount, he hands Sikander that hanky, Sikander recognises it and gets very happy, andsays this means I’m on the right track.
Kulfi sees kids appraisals her and asks why are you doing this, I will inform Ama, they scold kulfi for spooling their plan, Kulfi says you do bad things, why should I take the blame, kid say yes we did this because I want to stay here, Kulfi asks why, if you leave you will go to your parents, he says I don’t have family, a rich person drove on my family, on,y I’m saved, and I’m scared, so I don’t want to leave, and Ama is not good, they make her realise how Ama is, and show the fruits and all what Ama showed is all fake, Kulfi says I hear boarding school is good place, but, kid say she is so stupid she doesn’t even know where she is, Kulfi asks where am I, all Infrom her she is at remand home.

Pre cap ; Sikander is informed by inspector that there’s remand home near by and he should check there too.

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