Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Latest News 17th March 2019

Coming up exciting twist in Star Plus daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will finally bring Sikandar all close to daughter Kulfi.

As per the current track, Sikandar faces a big shocker when Amyra discloses him that she is already aware of his blood relation with Kulfi.

Sikandar is really shell shocked to know that Amyra always supported Lovely in her evil crimes.

Heartbroken Sikandar hopes that he soon find Kulfi that suddenly the Driver passes him the envelope in which there is Kulfi's photograph.
Sikandar's hunt begins 
Sikandar gets overwhelmed and thus realizes that he got the same envelope from the black market and thus he arrives to find Kulfi.

Sikandar is really very close to Ammaji's den while Kulfi and her friends are really suffering hard time.

Let's wait and see for what happens next in the show.

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