Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi Kumar in big problem unaware Sikandar gets fooled by Ammaji
Coming up high voltage drama in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will see new problem coming in Kulfi's life.

As per the current situation, Sikandar arrives to remand house to find Kulfi.

Unfortunately Sikandar and Kulfi come close but have a hit n miss moment where they both fail to see each other.

And this brings another twist in tale when Ammaji recognizes Sikandar's identity and thus makes attempt to not let Sikandar reach Kulfi.

Kulfi heartbroken 
Sikandar again fails to find Kulfi and thus breaksdown hopeless.
While here Kulfi is missing Sikandar as once again Ammaji tortures her and goes hard on her in the remand house.

Will Kulfi ever be able to meet her Baba again?

Will Sikandar realize Ammaji's motive?

Stay tune for more updates.

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