Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi turns epitome of sacrifice changing Ammaji's evil mentality
The time is close when Kulfi will win Ammaji's heart with her selflessness, her innocence and her bravery.

The upcoming episode in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will see Kulfi fighting with jer biggest dilemma.

Kulfi gets freedom from Ammaji and thus leaves the remand house while here Ammaji cunningly instigates all the kids against Kulfi calling her selfish who choose freedom breaking their trust.

Kulfi once again recalls Sikandar's teachings and thus she returns back to remand house for other kids.

Kulfi proves Amma wrong 
A big surprise to everyone and a big shocker to Ammaji, Kulfi returns to the juvenile home and fulfills the promise she made to her friends.

Meanwhile, Ammaji is also shocked to know that Kulfi rejected her freedom for the sake of kids.

While Kulfi proves Ammaji wrong, Ammaji thus agrees to organize Parents Day while this brings a wave of happiness for kids.

It would be really interesting to watch how soon Kulfi will change Ammaji's cruel and evil mindset towards kids.

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