The episode starts with Disha telling Abhi and Pragya that they shall separate for the kids betterment. Pragya says she will go with both daughters. Abhi says I will not let them. Disha asks them to decide if they want to stay lovingly or separate. Purab asks if this is written in their destiny that they have to live separately. Disha says they will meet when grown up, but now there is no solution. Pragya sits and cries looking at her daughters. Judaai song plays….She takes one of the baby and hugs her. Abhi takes another baby. Pragya says sorry to the baby which Abhi is holding. Chadariya song plays…Abhi kisses baby which Pragya is holding. Chadariya song plays….Abhi asks Pragya not to return again, and says there is nobody of your own. Pragya says I will not come and will remember that you have separated the twin sisters, and says neither me nor my daughter will come in this city or house. Sad song plays…..Pragya hugs her daughter and walks out of house. Abhi goes to room. Judaai song plays…..
Pragya walks on the road hugging her daughter and says I wanted to take your sister with you, but. Baby starts crying. Pragya says I am with you and will not let you separate from me, nobody will make me separate from you. She is about to get hit by the bike and gets saved by the nurse. Nurse asks where is she going with the small baby. Pragya says she is going. Abhi talks to his daughter and says he will not let Pragya’s reflection fall on her again. Pragya tells the same thing to her daughter.
After 20 years:

Dadi, Mitali and Tai ji are doing puja. Dadi says she was woken up and asks if she wake up early. She says we does puja to calm down her mind. Rhea is seen breaking the glasses. Abhi asks someone to handle her. Aaliya asks Meera to handle her. Mitali says Rhea is angry. Meera says she listens to me, as I hear her. Servant says Rhea has locked herself in the cupboard. Meera asks her to come out. Rhea says she is upset. Dadi says she is stubborn like Abhi.


Pragya calls Pragya after coming home. Nurse who helped her deliver the babies is with her, whom Pragya calls her Beeji. Beeji says she will ask me later after searching the house and says she didn’t come yet from college. Pragya says why she didn’t come and says she brought halwa puri for her. Beeji says you goes to college to teach, and says she might be stuck with someone’s matters and asks from where she got these values. Prachi is seen taking out the coin from the drain which belongs to a beggar. Everyone looks at her as she washes the coin and gives to the beggar. love you zindagi plays….beggar woman blesses her. Prachi holds her friend’s hand and starts walking. She helps a woman in pulling the stuck cart. Woman bleses her and says this cart gets stuck here daily. Prachi says you should have come by other place. Woman says if I come by other place then will not see you. Friend asks how many blessings you will collect. Prachi says she wants more. Meera knocks inside the dressing room and find Rhea sitting in the cupboard. Rhea says my life is over as I don’t have sandals. Mitali says nobody have as many sandals as you. Rhea says she needs peach sandals. Mitali says this is peach. Rhea says this is baby peach. Meera says I will get matching sandals for you. Mitali takes out the thread from the glass. Rhea shouts. Meera says what you have done and tells that she will message driver and asks her to listen to music till then.
Prachi repairs the sandal which has broken just now. Her friend asks her to buy, but she says she has another one at home. Friend says it is more older than this. A goon tells the other that bhabhi came. The goon teases Prachi and scolds her friend. He offers to drop her home. Prachi goes from there. Friend asks why is he scared of him. Prachi says Maa taught me not to talk to such people. Friend Saana says I will reply to him. Prachi says you will not do anything and asks her not to tell Maa. Friend says God shall not give such sister. Prachi says we are cousins. They come home. Prachi comes home and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks what happened? Prachi says nothing. Saana says she got emotional seeing halwa puri. Pragya asks why she came late? Saana says actually when we were coming home…Saana says she made me eat something. She tells that Prachi teaches me and become topper. Beeji asks her to teach someone. Saana says she has no younger sisters. Pragya recalls Prachi’s younger’s sister.
Precap: Pragya thinks I wish I could meet my younger daughter. Abhi also misses his elder daughter. Pragya says she has past related to Delhi. Beeji says it is related to Abhi and asks her to forget everything and not to punish Prachi because of the her past.

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