The Episode starts with Rocky telling Nikhil that Police is following them. Nikhil says Abhi lied to us. Rocky says a father will take not a risk and says I have solution for this. Inspector’s car gets punctured. Nikhil asks Abhi to stop the car and sit in silver car with the money. Abhi asks are you near me? Nikhil says no, I have planned everything clearly. He asks Abhi to shift the money in his bag and leave the money there. He then asks Abhi to go to mall and change his clothes. Abhi thinks kidnapper might know that my money and clothes have tracking device. He thinks to do anything for Kiara. Nikhil tells Rocky that they have to change the place and says I will tell Vicky to give new address to Abhi. He asks Abhi to ask for a tea at a tea stall and read the chit in his heart. He asks the tea stall guy. He gives him chit. Abhi reads. Nikhil tells Abhi that he knows that his bag, clothes and car was tracked and asks him to go to a certain place written in the chit and get Kiara’s address. Ashish tells Pragya and others that they couldn’t track Abhi and says he is doing as they told. He says my doubt was right, he kidnapped Kiara to take revenge on Abhi. He asks about Abhi’s pic and then says I will get pic from internet. He asks his men to check Abhi in every car. Inspector tells Police that Abhi has crossed the check post and is going towards the crossroad 78 bus stop. Inspector says kidnapper changed the location. Abhi reaches at the place written in the chit and sees a man on the bike. He takes the money from Abhi. Abhi asks for kiara’s address.
Police comes just then and fires at the kidnapper. Other kidnapper is hiding. Abhi asks him to tell about kiara’s address. Inspector says he is dead. The other goons calls Nikhil and tells that Police killed Vicky, we are betrayed. Abhi comes home and gets angry on Ashish. Aaliya asks him to calm down. Abhi tells him why did he involve the Police and says Police killed one of the goon. Pragya asks where is Kiara? Abhi says I couldn’t get kiara. Ashish asks where is money bag? Abhi says it is in car. Ashish asks why they didn’t take the money. Abhi says the goon was about to tell about Kiara’s address. Ashish says they told that they will give Kiara.

Abhi says I didn’t get my daughter and asks whom to ask. Mitali cries and says Kiara was in that room. Nikhil asks rocky to close the voice changing device, and says Police killed Vicky, our plan is failed. He says I need money. The goon tells that Abhi wanted to give money, but Police reached there. Nikhil says they wanted to get kiara. The goon asks him to call Abhi again and asks him to bring money in 30 mins, and show his anger on phone. Abhi cries and tell that Kiara must be thinking Papa will come and save her. Nikhil calls Abhi and says I wanted to kill your daughter inexchange of my goon. Abhi says I was about to give money but. Nikhil says I want money in half an hour. Abhi insists to talk to Kiara. Nikhil asks him to lower his voice and says my man shall call me and tell that he got the money, else Kiara will be killed. Abhi asks where to come? Pragya is about to faint. Aaliya asks Abhi to go and bring kiara. Ashish says if the kidnapper kill Kiara after getting the money. Abhi asks do you have a plan, and tells that he has to take the risk. Aaliya calls Doctor. Mitali asks Disha to take Pragya to room.
Abhi is about to sit in the car, when the media comes to him and asks about Kiara’s kidnapping and the kidnapper. Abhi sits in the car without answering them and thinks of Kiara. Abhi thinks when I asked for the address, why the goon was confused. He thinks of Ashish’s words and thinks Ashish thinks that kidnapper will not leave Kiara once he gets the money. He thinks how to bring her.

Sunny prays to Moon to bring Kiara back and knows where is she? He asks Moon to tell him and says I will bring her back etc. Disha gets emotional hearing him and prays to moon too. Sunny says I prayed to moon about Kiara and asks her to tell. He says make me talk to the kidnapper, I will ask them to return Kiara and take me in exchange. Disha says nothing will happen to her, says she is strong.

The goon comes to kiara and takes out the cloth from her mouth. Kiara calls him angel uncle. Goon asks him not to call him angel uncle and says I came to make you drink water. Kiara asks about his son and daughter. Goon tells that he son went missing 2 years back. Kiara feels sorry for him and asks if the goons will kill her, and asks him to call her mum, or untie her hands.
Precap: Abhi takes media help and tells whoever gets my daughter back will get 3 crores prize money. He tells kidnapper that game is yours, but daughter is mine, so I will set my rules. Pragya hears him on TV and gets worried.

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