Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: New entry warns Anurag of dangerous Komolika advises him to protect Prerna
Here comes a new entry in the storyline of Star Plus most leading show Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2.

Actor Aman Gandhi is going to make his entry in the show reminding Anurag of the coming drastic storm.

As per the current situation, Prerna and Komolika face off for the open war to get Anurag.

Though Prerna is hiding her pregnancy from Anurag, Anurag is taking care of her while he also fills Prerna’s hairline instead of Komolika.

Angry Komolika gets into heated argument with Prerna while the duos open the deadly challenge.

And there comes Actor Aman Gandhi meets Anurag who is Anurag’s friend cum his well-wisher.

Anurag in big dilemma 
Anurag meets his friend where his friend has come to alert Anurag of the dangerous evil lady Komolika.
Anurag gets depressed when his friend asks him to be alert of Komolika as she is very deadly and can do anything to get him.

While he advises him to protect his ladylove Prerna from Komolika, the latter asks him to put the end to this fight before it would take deadly turn.

What will Anurag do now to protect Prerna?

Let's wait and see what moew happens next.

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