Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Open battle amid Prerna Komolika to take deadly u-turn, Anurag in tension
The coming up drastic storm in Anurag and Prerna's love life will bring the biggest turning point in the storyline.

As per the current situation, Prerna announced her marital status where she introduced herself as Prerna Sharma Basu aka Anurag's first and real wife.

Angry Komolika goes revengeful against Prerna when Anurag fills Prerna's hairline with red sindoor and accepts her while Prerna decides to stay with Anurag.

Grave danger for Prerna 
There comes Anurag's friend (Aman Gandhi) who alerts him of Komolika and the deadly danger revolving around Prerna.

Though Prerna is hiding her pregnancy from Anurag and has decided to stay with him, 
Prerna and Komolika both challenge an open battle while their fight leaves Anurag tensed and shocked.

Let's wait and see what more is up to happen next in the show.

Will Anurag be able to protect his love Prerna and their coming baby from evil Komolika?

Stay tune for more updates.

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