Naagin 3: Ruhi (Karishma Tanna) and Mahir's wedding twist, Bela's (Surbhi Jyoti) tandav 
The upcoming episode of Colors supernatural drama Naagin 3 is up for high voltage drama.

Bela is facing much trouble in her life as now Huzur reveals her real face, Huzur turns out to be Ruhi.

Ruhi marks her entry and announces her marriage with Mahir, Ruhi and Mahir's wedding has been organised.

Bela is shocked to know all this as she herself is Ruhi and this doppelganger Ruhi is claiming her identity.

Ruhi and Mahir's wedding is thus organised and here Bela is all set to stop this wedding.
Ruhi and Mahir's wedding syappa
Bela will thus perform tandav to impress Lord Shiva and get blessings to stop this wedding of Ruhi and Mahir.

What more drama is to unfold up next in Ruhi, Bela and Mahir's life.

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