Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar Lovely slip in trauma after Doctors final words to Amyra
The latest storyline of Star Plus daily soap Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is bringing in crucial time in Amyra and Sikandar's life.

Amyra's detriorating health condition brings a big shocker for Sikanda when the Doctors reveal her final stage which is incurable.

While Sikandar is broken down in tears, Sikandar feels shattered when he sees Amyra hearing his conversation with Doctor.

Little Amyra questions Sikandar if she is going to die, while speechless Sikandar consoles her and takes care of her.

Lovely realizes her sins 
Sikandar is really angry at Lovely and thus reveals about Amyra's last stage to her.

Lovely also realizes her sins and her mistakes which costs Amyra's life.

However, at the end Sikandar will let Lovely meet Amyra with a hope that Amyra could regain her good health.

Let's wait and see how Sikandar and Lovely will save Amyra and how Sikandar will reach Kulfi.

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