Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar's both daughters Kulfi Amyra in grave danger, evil lady Lovely guilty
The coming up episode will bring a challenging time in Sikandar and his daughter's life.

As per the current situation, Lovely is feeling guilty seeing Amyra's health condition detriorating while Sikandar inquires about the drug given to Amyra.

Meanwhile, here Ammaji gives the biggest and the scary challenge to Kulfi where she has to chain the dangerous dog, Bhoot.

Lovely goes evil again 
Lovely once again hides her crime from Sikandar while she is only responsible for Kulfi and Amyra's pain.
Will Sikandar lose his daughters Kulfi and Amyra just because of Lovely's evil deeds?

Or he will save them before it gets too late?

Let's wait and see what more happens in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

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