Sikandar's unexpected behavior towards Lovely to stun everyone, big twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala
Star Plus most leading show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing a tough phase in Sikandar's life where both his daughters are in grave danger.

Lovely's stubborness and her jealousy has costed her own daughter Amyra. 

Soon the time comes when Sikandar learns about Lovely being the only one behind Amyra's ill condition.

Sikandar has to deal with Amyra whose life is in grave danger while he also has to find missing Kulfi.

And this brings Sikandar’s entire new avatar in the coming storyline.

Sikandar shocks Lovely
Sikandar will now put Lovely in place and will now deal with her in a very different way which will stun the viewers and will bring a big shock for Lovely herself.

Let’s wait and see for what more happens next.

What ruthless punishment did Sikandar decided for Lovely?

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