Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz will soon come to an end. The show took a leap in December 2018, focusing on the story of superstar Shivaansh Singh Oberoi (Nakuul Mehta), who is fighting a terminal disease and has only a few days to live. Manjiri Pupala was initially paired opposite him, but since the chemistry didn’t go down well with the audience, Niti Taylor was roped in opposite Nakuul and Manjiri's character was made negative. She then called it quits last month, and now, the show will say goodbye to the audience.

As per the climax, it will culminate on a happy note. New character Sahil Chaturvedi (Amar Upadhyay) will be found as the main villain, followed by Shivaansh undergoing a successful heart transplant.

But before the show ends, viewers will witness a budding romance. We are talking about Mannat, who will soon fall in love with Shivaansh.
It will so happen that Mannat, who has started liking Shivaansh, sees Alisha flirting with him. An irritated and furious Mannat shoos Alisha away.

Meanwhile, Sahil is seen wearing SSO's watch. Had he given it to him or has a theft been committed? Only time will tell!

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