Naagin 3: Twist, Mahir Bela Krish gang up against baddies Ruhi and Hukum
Colors supernatural show Naagin 3 is witnessing exciting thriller drama in the storyline.

Mahir and Bela are finally together while they learned about Ruhi being Huzoor but Hukum is the real mastermind.

In between, Mahir’s duplicate Krish also comes in Bela’s favor and thus begins the most thriller battle.

Ruhi and Bela’s deadly face off
Ruhi and Bela face off while the duos are getting married to their loved ones.

But twist in tale is that Mahir and Krish both come together while this leaves Ruhi confused.
It would be quite interesting to watch how Bela will trap Huzoor Ruhi and Hukum in their own plotted conspiracy.

Let’s wait and see for what more is yet to happen next.

Will Bela and Mahir succeed?

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