The Episode starts with Raman saying it can’t be Yug’s uncle and aunt, I was talking to them. Ishita says you can talk to shopkeeper. Inspector says we already spoke to him, if you have any doubt on someone, tell us, it can help us in investigation. She sees Yug. Raman says no, we don’t suspect anyone. Inspector says no problem, take care, we will inform you when we know something. Raman asks Yug to drop inspector out. He asks Aaliya to get some juice. She goes. Ishita asks why did you save Yug, you know he is an imposter, he forced his uncle and aunt to lie. Raman says I m not trying to save anyone, can you prove that Yug did this, why are you judging him. She says what will I do if I m not careful. He says I m here, think about Aaliya.

He says I don’t want her to break down,  she is my daughter, you take rest. Karan asks Rohan how is Raman. Rohan says he isn’t fine, police will find out who did this. Karan asks did they find anything. Rohan says not yet, why are you being so much interested. Karan says come on, you are talking nonsense, if I find out your involvement, trust me, I won’t spare you. Sudha says Rohan, you are playing Karan, he helped Bhallas. She taunts Rohan. She says you won’t go there to meet Aaliya, she is a married girl, Adi is back and your marriage to Aaliya is null and void, you will only focus on business. Rohan goes. Sudha asks Karan to shut up, they would have got caught, just focus on work, get Yug trapped. She says learn this from me, you just say you are my son, what did you learn.
Raman shouts Ishita. Yug says wait, he is just calling Ishita. He hides with Aaliya. Raman says Ishita, my shoulder is aching. 
She asks shall I call doctor. He says no, maybe muscles are strained. She helps him. She says you were pretending right. He says I love you a lot. Aaliya says so cute. Yug says they love each other a lot, like I can’t live without you. Aaliya smiles. Vase falls down. Ishita and Raman see them. Ishita says Aaliya, come in. Raman says I m feeling better now. Ishita asks Yug to get Raman’s breakfast. Yug and Aaliya go to get it. Yug smiles seeing Ishita.

Raman asks why do you look so worried. Ruhi gets Ranbir and Vishal. Ranbir asks how are you now, we feel guilty. Raman says feeling much better. Ranbir says we were helpless because of friendship. Raman says whoever tampered the car brakes will be caught soon. Yug gets flowers. He sees his friends and asks what are you both doing here. Vishal says your courier had come there. Yug says its not mine, I m Adi, not Yug. Ishita says Aaliya is not at home, just go with your friends, we will explain Aaliya, we won’t lodge any fraud case. Yug asks why don’t you believe that I m Adi. He goes out. Ishita goes after him.
She asks what do you think of yourself, how long will you lie, you know I m aware that you are Yug, even if you love Aaliya, you know Aaliya’s state when she lost Adi, if she learns the truth that you are fooling her, what will she go through. He says do anything you want. She says you are hurting her. He says you are hurting her, I love her a lot. Ranbir asks him to end this drama and come home. Ishita says leave our house. Yug says they aren’t my friends, stop it now, I won’t prove it, I m Adi, this is the truth. Ishita says its my mistake, we were good to him and now he is creating the problems. Aaliya looks on and asks Ishita to stop it. She says you were threatening Adi, I doubt you never loved Adi, you are not Adi’s real mum so you shot him. Ishita gets angry.
Raman says stop Ishita, you can’t slap Aaliya. Aaliya says no, just slap me. Raman says Ishita loves you a lot, we have a valid reason, he isn’t our Adi, he is Yug. Aaliya says Adi is my happiness, why are you calling Adi as Yug, even if he is not Adi, I don’t care, for me, he is my Adi, I decided, we are leaving the house. Rohan cries thinking of Aaliya and Yug. Sudha comes and cries seeing him. She says I want to go ahead in life, I will throw a party and invite the eligible girls, if you like any girl, tell me. Rohan says mom please…. She says just agree for my sake. He says I m Aaliya’s husband, I will do anything for her. He goes. Sudha says Aaliya loves Yug, Rohan has to move on, I have to speak to Karan. Ishita asks will you leave us for Yug. Aaliya says he is Adi, not Yug. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t do this, will you leave me. Aaliya asks Adi to come. Yug says no, I don’t want you to get separated from your family, they are saying I m not Adi, its okay, this won’t reduce my love for them, I will leave the house, you won’t.
Ishita asks can we threaten his uncle and aunt, so that they seek help from Yug. Ruhi says if Yug helps them, Aaliya will learn the truth. Karan says ask Aaliya to marry you, once you become Aaliya’s husband, none can make you out of the house.

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