The Episode starts with Yug saying I will leave the house. Aaliya says I will come with you, you can’t leave me once again. She asks Ishita why can’t she see Adi. Yug says I will prove to them that I m their son, I won’t come here until they accept me. He requests them not to hurt Aaliya. Raman says enough, no one is leaving. Yug says no Papa, I m leaving right now, since Ishimaa wants this. Aaliya says I will come with you Adi. Ishita says Adi won’t go anywhere. Yug asks what did you say. Ishimaa says you aren’t leaving this house, I might have failed to see how much Aaliya loves you, and what she would do without you, I was wrong I think. Yug asks really, Aaliya we will stay together with family. Aaliya thanks her. Yug also thanks Ishita. They go to their room. Ishita asks what else could I do, if Yug left, Aaliya would have gone with him, Raman will you come along, we have to meet someone.

Raman, Ishita and Ruhi meet Mani at the cafe. Mani asks what, Aaliya was going with Yug. Ishita says yes, we made an excuse and came here to meet you. Ruhi pities Aaliya. Ishita says we have to expose Yug. Raman says Mani can do this, as he doesn’t stay with us. Mani says even his uncle and aunt lied to us. Ishita says we can threaten them that they will lose their house, they will ask help from Yug and he will help them. Raman says yes, we will give him the money. Ruhi asks what. Ishita explains the plan. She says Yug will help them. Ruhi says that means he would get exposed. Raman says yes, since he refused to know them before. Mani says I will send them a notice. Raman says I hope this plan works. Ishita says I feel strange to talk like this. Raman says we have no option.
Yug says I failed Ishita, she realized Aaliya loves me as I love her. Karan says you don’t know Ishita, she is very clever, ask Aaliya to marry you again, like renewing your vows, once you become her husband, none can make you out. Yug says what a brilliant idea, she will be mine forever, Ishita won’t be able to do anything. Karan turns and sees Sudha. Sudha says you were simply superb, Yug will marry Aaliya, we will find a girl for Rohan, I will ask manager to send invite to the girls, when Rohan sees Yug and Aaliya’s marriage, he will get ready to marry the girl we choose, you are simply brilliant Karan. He thanks her. Ishita serves food to Yug. Yug thanks her. Aaliya says we aren’t upset with you, thanks and sorry. Yug says none can make parathas like you Ishimaa. He gets a message. He says I have to go, I will come, I have some work. Aaliya says have breakfast, is there any tension. He says no, its a surprise for you. She asks surprise. He says yes, I will be back soon. He goes.

Mani says I have sent eviction notice to Yug’s uncle. Ishita says yes, Yug left from here. Raman says he shouldn’t realize our plan, he is very clever. Mani says don’t worry. Ishita says you have to take Yug in confidence, once he takes money from us, he will be caught. Yug calls Karan. He calls his uncle and says I m arranging money, give me some time, I know you had lied for me. Raman goes to Yug and asks why do you look worried. Yug says nothing. Ishita looks on. Raman says you have to understand our situation, its tough for us to believe you are our Adi, I consider you as my son, Aaliya’s happiness matters the most to me, if you feel you have become part of the family and regard me your dad, promise me you will share your problems. Yug says thanks, but there is no problem, I had to surprise Aaliya. He goes. Raman says I don’t know if the plan will work. Ishita says I will see what to do.
Yug says Karan isn’t at office, what to do now. Ishita comes and asks what happened, you look worried, we had made jewellery for Aaliya, her bidaai with Rohan didn’t happen, so I m giving this to you, give it to her, I can’t afford to mention about Rohan, you keep it in her cupboard. He thinks I could save uncle’s house by using this jewellery. She goes.

Yug hurriedly leaves. She stops him and asks where are you going. Ishita says ask him what’s in this bag, Aaliya what will he say, the bag contains your jewellery, he is taking it to his uncle and aunt, he is Yug, not Adi. Aaliya says stop it please, I asked Adi to seek your help to save their house, they were blackmailing him, if he didn’t give them money, they will come here and lie again, he isn’t scared, he cares for them, since they took care of him when he was injured, I was wrong to think you accepted Adi. Ruhi says you are blaming us, did you lose your mind. Aaliya says shut up, he is my Adi, not an imposter. She faints. Everyone worries.

Mihika comes home and asks what happened, get up. Yug takes Aaliya to room. Raman calls the doctor. Mani asks what, Aaliya fainted, how, and Yug. Ruhi says his truth didn’t come out, come soon. Doctor checks Aaliya. Ishita says her head hit a table corner. Doctor says there is swelling. Rohan comes and asks how come you are alone, Shagun? Mani says she is busy. Rohan says I came to meet Aaliya, why do you look worried. Mani says she isn’t well. Doctor asks everyone to come out. Rohan says we won’t leave Yug. Mani says relax, Aaliya isn’t well. Doctor says Aaliya may have internal injuries, we have to wait for some time.
Ishita says I will kick out Yug. Doctor says no, just Yug can get Aaliya out of this stress, she is living in an illusion, if this breaks, she will not be able to handle that, we have to maintain this illusion.

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