The Episode starts with Ishita saying I have come back for Aaliya, don’t think I have forgiven you. Raman says I have already said sorry to you. Aaliya comes and says I have a surprise for you, I have booked a royal suite for you. Ishita says sorry, we can’t go. Raman says we can’t take a break, your treatment…. Ishita says when you fainted, doctor said you should take rest, there will be much work, we don’t want you to get exertion. Raman says postpone the booking, we can go out later all together. Aaliya says yes, it will be fun, I will tell Adi. She goes. Ishita says I can’t see that guy romancing Aaliya. Raman says call your fav Rohan, we will stay as one big happy family. He goes to check the door and sees Simmi.
Simmi hugs Raman and Ishita. Ishita says its so good  to see you, I felt so bad that you left the house. Simmi says I know, everything is fine now. Aaliya, Adi and Ruhi come. Simmi says Adi is alive… Aaliya says you are shocked too, our Adi has come back. Ishita says he isn’t our Adi, don’t react. Simmi hugs Yug and Ruhi. Ruhi says I m fine, we missed you so much. Simmi says I missed you too. Ishita says we should settle Simmi in room. Raman asks Aaliya to go and sleep, she has a meeting tomorrow. Aaliya says yes, Adi I need your help. They go. Simmi asks what’s going on. Ishita says come, we will tell you. Simmi asks how can you let Adi’s lookalike stay here. Ishita says just for Aaliya’s sake. Simmi asks how did you tolerate this. Ishita says its not easy, you are here to support me. Raman says he is not a bad person, he is really nice, he saved Aaliya, he is helping us, Ishita is trying to bring Rohan. Simmi says you can’t hide anything from Rohan, Rohan is Aaliya’s husband, Ishita is right. Ruhi asks them to sleep, its late. Ishita says Aaliya isn’t aware of the disorder, be careful when you talk to her. Raman taunts Ishita.
Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla says its good you have come to Rishikesh. Simmi says you should really go there, its a nice place. Raman and Ishita stay upset. Aaliya thinks they are still fighting. She gets omelette for Raman. She says this looks a new recipe. Aaliya says its a veg cheese omelette, you can thank Ishita for this. He says I want an egg omelette, Simmi make one for me. Ishita asks him to eat veg omelette. Ruhi goes to check at the door. The lady and her goon enter the house. Ruhi shouts. Raman asks who is it, how did you enter the house. Ishita asks what’s happening. The lady says stand right there, its a real gun, not a toy, get back, these people seem rich, but got afraid. She says Raman, come to the point, sign on this. She threatens Raman.

The goon says just do what’s told to you, else you will be shot. Raman asks what do you want. The lady says you have a property in defence colony, its those papers. Rohan asks what is the need to take mom to London for treatment. Doctor says its better for her to stay away from stress. Karan says no problem, we have a house there. Rohan says what’s wrong in our hospital, we have best technology and good doctors. Karan says she will be away from stress and get fine soon. Rohan says I think she won’t get convinced. Karan says then I have to convince her, you have no time for mom, if anything happens to mom, I will never forgive you. He thinks I will separate Rohan and Aaliya for once and all. Raman asks why are you doing this. The lady asks him not to think and sign. Ishita says sorry, Raman has taken these properties for our daughters, how can he sign. The lady says I came to deal with you, but you both are arrogant.

Ishita says so sorry for whatever happened yesterday, I should have spoken to you sweetly. The lady says you were so arrogant and today you are apologizing, I m taking revenge for my insult, this property is mine. Raman says I won’t sign, I have earned by hardwork and got this property for my children, I will call the commissioner. The lady shoots in the air. Bala hears the gunshot and says its coming from the Bhallas house. Ishita and everyone ask the lady to move the gun away. The lady asks do you want to get shot alone or with family. Bala rings the bell and calls them out. The lady asks them not to make any noise. Bala thinks what’s the matter. He calls Ishita. He says something is wrong, I have their house’s duplicate key. The goon says lets shoot their daughter. The lady says yes, get them in a line. Yug says enough, don’t try to hurt them, shoot me first. The lady says lets shoot everyone. Raman asks why do you want this property. She says I like this property, I want it. Ishita looks around. Mihika goes and gets chilli container.
Ishita gets the box. She says we will sign it, sit down and talk. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t hurt my children. The lady says I will count to ten, else I will shoot this time. She counts down. Ishita worries. Bala gets the keys and unlocks the door. He enters the house and shouts Raman. The lady turns. Ishita throws chilli in her eyes and says catch her. Yug and Bala beat the goons. Everyone catches the lady. Raman picks the gun. The lady and goons run away. Bala asks who was this woman. Ishita says she was very dangerous. Karan comes there and says I will convince Yug to marry Aaliya, then Rohan will have to forget her. Raman goes to watchman and scolds him. Ishita says relax, we will go to police and file complaint. They leave. Karan looks on and says what’s going on, why are they going to police station.

Ishita describes the lady. Inspector gets the sketch and shows them. The goon says Raman and Ishita are getting help from some place.

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