The Episode starts with Yug saying thanks for identifying me, I love you Aaliya, Ishimaa has changed. Ishita asks him to stop his drama, how is this love, why are you playing with her feelings, tell her you are Yug. He shouts what shall I say, that I m Adi, Aaliya trusts me. Aaliya says you don’t need to listen to anyone of them. The goons run to Karan and tell how the entire family has attacked them. Karan pays them and asks them to leave. He says how did my plan fail, I should go and check, I hope Yug didn’t tell them anything. Ranbir asks Yug to stop this drama, will he do this with Aaliya, its wrong. Vishal says just end this. Karan comes and says what’s this, everyone is here, if truth is revealed, everything will come out. Yug says stop it, who are you all, why should I listen to you, you are lying, I m not Yug, I m Aditya Bhalla. Aaliya goes to Yug. Yug asks them to go and find their friend. Aaliya says Adi, you need not give any explanation to them. Yug says yes. Karan smiles and says this guy acts so well, this will make my plan work, too good Yug. Yug says I feel strange, lets go. They leave.
Aaliya talk to Ruhi and says I m going on a drivew ith Yug. Ruhi asks her to come home. Aaliya refuses. Ishita says how can Aaliya go out with Yug. Raman argues and asks her not to get after Aaliya. Ranbir and Vishal come. Ishita asks why is Yug interfering in our lives, how did you come there. Ruhi says I had called Ranbir and asked him to do this drama, but plan backfired, real goons had come. Mihika asks do you realize what you did.
Raman says thanks, make them understand. Ruhi says so sorry. Ishita asks who is this Yug, his family. Vishal says he has no one, he is an orphan, his parents passed away and then uncle and aunt took his responsibility, they aren’t concerned for him, he stays at my home. She thanks him and says we can talk to his family. Raman says his family is least bothered, what will we talk. Mr. Bhalla says he is an orphan, he has no one to love, we all know that he isn’t Adi, but he does look like Adi, what’s wrong in accepting him. Ishita asks what are you saying. Mrs. Bhala says when Adi died, the house felt empty. Raman says Yug reminds us of Yug. Mihika says let us give time to Aaliya, she will realize he isn’t Adi, truth will come out. Mani says she is right, Yug and Adi are different persons, Aaliya will know the truth. Raman agrees.

Mani says Aaliya is very stubborn, we have to slow and patient. Ruhi asks Ranbir and Vishal to go before Aaliya comes. Yug asks Karan did he send goons, they attacked him. Karan says yes, but they came to take baby. Yug says what, its risky, I just came here for Aaliya, I love her, I can’t hurt anyone, if I have to get Aaliya, I have to love her family, I can’t harm anyone in this family. Karan says sorry, be careful, your friends were spoiling the plan. Yug sees Aaliya coming and ends call. Aaliya gets coffee. It falls over his hand. 
She says so sorry and cares for him. Ek ladki ko dekha to….plays… He asks will you leave me. She says no, why will I leave you, don’t ever say this again, I m not going anywhere. He says don’t know what’s happening. She says I don’t want to repeat my mistake, I will listen to my heart, I can’t lose you, I love you, I have missed you a lot. He says me too. She says I will get coffee for you. He smiles. Rohan looks on and gets angry.

Bala asks Rohan what is he doing here, come along. Rohan says I can’t see Aaliya with that fraud, why don’t you throw him out. Bala says its not easy, her emotions are revived with Yug’s coming, he resembles Adi, Adi was her first love, she can’t come back to you, she loved Adi more than you, give her some time, you have to wait for her. Rohan says I truly love her, I hope I don’t have to wait for her all life. Ishita says Aaliya didn’t come, I m scared. Raman says he won’t hurt Aaliya, he is a nice guy, he saved you too, what’s the harm if he stays as Adi, you made Adi away, sorry, Aaliya is happy with him. She says what’s the use. Aaliya and Yug come home. Ishita asks where were you, we were waiting. Aaliya says I was with Adi, you didn’t need to wait. She tells how Adi got hurt and goes.
Ishita says if he was Adi, Raman and I would have supported him. Aaliya says this time, I can’t lose Adi. She makes Adi wear bracelet. Ishita says this is Adi’s bracelet. Aaliya says that’s why Adi has it. Yug thanks Aaliya.

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