The Episode starts with Manish asking Kartik did you take a bath and wash off all your sins. Naksh says sorry Naira, I spoke much, I should have heard you, I don’t hide anything in heart, we should speak our mind, what we feel and why, don’t stay quiet, say something. Manish asks where were you, you should have come here from temple, what happened, did you get hurt that you took a painkiller, are you upset that you had to come early because of Singhanias. He sees Kartik’s wound on his hand and asks is that why you had a painkiller, why aren’t you saying anything.

Naksh asks won’t you talk to me. Naira says no, I m just upset, if you don’t trust anyone, I don’t understand this, you said this is my family, I accepted, let me know few things, if I do wrong, you can stop  me and guide me, let me try on my own. Dadi asks Manish why are you scolding Kartik. Manish says we keep asking and he keeps numb, something isn’t right, I think he is doing something which he shouldn’t, he knows its not right. Naira says thanks Naksh, you said right, I should speak my mind, I will tell everything to Sid. Manish says tell us what you are doing else stop it, your deeds shouldn’t hurt both the families, especially Naira, is it related to Naira, I have no objection if you love her, don’t do anything stupid again. Kartik nods.
Naksh comes to room and sees Kirti crying. He asks what happened. She asks will you misunderstand me. He says no, tell me. She says you remember when we were in temple and Naira took Krish to wake him up. He recalls. She says she thinks Krish is her son. He says I know what you want to say. She says sorry, you would have felt bad. He says no, try to understand, Krish wasn’t responding, Naira brought Krish to consciousness, Krish will always be her nephew, there is nothing to worry. He goes. She sees Krish.

Kartik says I will go and tell her entire truth, but why are we parted, she still remembers my love, my love will bring her to me. Naira shuts the door and gets ready. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa say its good you spoke to Naira. Naksh says I can’t see her hurt. Devyaani asks for Rajshri and Varsha. Rajshri says we have come. They all hug. Rajshri sees Krish and smiles. Devyaani says you made us wait a lot. Rajshri says Naira is still facing the storm of life. Varsha asks where is Naira. Kirti says she is resting in room. Naksh says I will go and call her. Naira goes out from the window. Rajshri stops Naksh. She says I can’t meet Naira, if she asks me who am I, what will I answer, our relation turned close after Akshara’s death. Varsha says yes, we will meet her later. Devyaani says she will be sad seeing you both like this. Bhabhimaa asks them to come and have food. Naira sees Rishabh and hides. She runs to her car and goes. He gets his dad’s call. He says I have to tell Naksh son, if Naira finds out on her own, she will be very hurt.
Devyaani cries. Rajshri holds her. Devyaani says I know Mishti hates everyone and she hates me the most. Rajshri says no, Mishti doesn’t share her feelings, she doesn’t hate you. FB shows Devyaani asking Rajshri to take Mishti away. Mishti looks on and says everyone hates me. Devyaani says I m helpless to break my family, I can’t keep Mishti here, Naman is my son, I never thought he will be so ungrateful, he has hurt Naitik and is using Mishti, please take Mishti with you, I know its a big responsibility, but I can’t trust anyone else, I want to give Mishti yo you, I will be glad if you raise her. Rajshri says thanks for trusting me, I will try my best, I will not let Naman ruin Mishti’s life, its my promise to you. Devyaani ties her Mauli thread. FB ends. Rajshri says I don’t let her feel anything lacking, but some relations have no replacement, Mishti loves me a lot, she calls me Badi Maa, you will always be her Dadi, these are bonds of love, there will always be hope. They hug.

Kartik sees Naira and his Shivratri performance on screen. He hears a sound and turns to see. He opens the window and sees Naira. She falls back. He holds her hand. O morey saiyyan….plays…. Manish says we have to make Kartik busy in any project. Kartik holds Naira and pulls her up. They fall down. The curtains fall on them. The lights go. Manish says what’s happening, power went again. He goes back with Akhilesh. Kartik asks why did you take such a big risk, why did you come and how. Naira says let me speak, you ask so many questions, what shall I answer first, I m here to talk something serious, switch on the lights, I can’t see you properly. She keeps the phone flashlight on. She says I have to tell my feelings. Kartik says you could have told on phone. She says no, its said personally, I love you. He says so what, I would have replied on call. He realizes and looks at her.
Naira makes a heart shadow. Naksh asks Naira to say where did she go. She says I love…. Manish asks Kartik not to lie.

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