The Episode starts with Kartik looks at Naira. She sprinkles some poppers. Chukar gai….plays…. She gives him a rose and shows a I love you greeting card. He takes it. She says I felt this feeling, the very first time I met you, I really love you, I have a strange connection with you, that feeling gets stronger, you have a very special place in my life, I think about you all the time, you are always on my mind, I swear, I thought even you should think of me, I came here to tell you that I love you so much and I hope you also love me. Humdum mere…..plays…. She makes a heart shadow by her hands. He smiles.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask how are Mishti and Kuhu. Mishti and Kuhu head to the cycle race. The man makes the announcement and says two sisters, two super bikers, who always win the race are coming to participate. Devyaani asks Rajshri to show the pics. Rajshri shows the pics. Mishti and Kuhu take their positions. They smile. Rajshri says they are true gems. Kuhu says bet, who will win, I m the best. The man says they always come first when they participate in race, today they are participating together, who will win today. Rajshri says Devyaani took the decision on right time and allowed us to keep Mishti. Devyaani says I m indebted to you, you gave a house and love to Mishti, I feel she has gone away from us, if you didn’t accept her, don’t know what would have happened, Naman had left no stone unturned to wreck lives. Rajshri says every child is born with his fate.
Naira asks what happened, did I say a lot, are you angry with me, Sid, say something, I m feeling scared. She turns away. Kartik dances. She says whatever I said was true. He thinks she lost her memory, but love is there, she loves the person who loves her the most, none can separate us, just like Radha Krishna, Shiv Parvati. She turns to him.

Naksh asks what’s happening in their lives. Varsha says college, fun. The cycle race begins. Mishti leads. Kuhu speeds up. Bhabhimaa says if girls stay happy, we will be glad. Kuhu gets worried when Mishti goes ahead. Varsha says they love each other a lot, they seem like real sisters. Kuhu throws some stones. Mishti gets saved, but Kuhu falls. Mishti offers help to Kuhu and taunts. Kuhu holds her hand. They join the race again. They reach close to the finish line. The man says tough competition is going on, we shall see who wins. Kuhu kicks Mishti’s cycle. Mishti falls down. Even Kuhu loses balance and falls. The cycle hits a girl’s leg. Kuhu says you made me fall. Mishti says you are lying. The girl says Tanvi got a fracture, she has a performance in the event, you sisters will get punishment. Kuhu says we are not sisters. Mishti gets upset.
Devyaani says like you are longing to meet Naira, I m yearning to meet Mishti. Naksh says Rajshri and Varsha should meet Naira now, she is much stable now. Devyaani says yes, I m more afraid to meet Mishti. Naira thinks please don’t get angry Sid. She asks Kartik to say something. He goes to hug her. She says I came here on my brother’s saying, he said we must not hide our feelings, did I do anything wrong. Kartik gets away and recalls his lie. Lights come. He sees the projector and switches it off. She says maybe you got upset with me. He thinks I won’t hide truth from you, if your heart can recognize me, it will recognize my truth also. Everyone comes to Naira’s room. They don’t see her and look for her everywhere. Kartik says Naira…

She says maybe Naksh is calling me. She sees Naksh’s call. He says you didn’t inform them right, they must be worried. She says Naksh would be worried and angry, you didn’t say anything, give me a reply. He says I did reply. She says I didn’t hear, say it again. He says we will talk later, come fast. Naksh say why isn’t she answering. Kartik gets her down from the ladder way. Naira calls Naksh and says I m fine, I m on the way. Kartik asks how will you go. She says I have my car. She asks him to say something. He says sorry, just go, we will talk later. Her phone rings again. He says you should go. She leaves. Naira says I will tell Naksh that I went for mobile recharge or parlor, Sid didn’t say anything. Naksh says don’t know where did Naira go. Kirti thinks maybe where I m thinking. Kartik comes home smiling. Manish asks don’t dare to lie to me, answer me, what’s going on. Naksh asks where did you go. Manish says fine, I will find out myself. Naira says I went outside, I love….
Mishti and Kuhu come home. Devyaani holds Mishti when she stumbles. Kartik expresses feelings for Naira. Yeh rishta….plays….

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