The Episode starts with Naira saying I love Kartik, I hope everyone heard me, I know he lied to me that he is Siddharth, he is Kartik Goenka, he came to the dance class pretending to be Siddharth, he met me every day, but didn’t try to remind me anything, he just did his work and went, I felt as if I knew him, we have some connection, maybe that’s why I got attracted to him, I went to his house, he never came to our house, so that our family doesn’t feel bad. Devyaani says I feel she knows half truth. Bhabhimaa says yes, she doesn’t know that Kartik is her husband. Devyaani says yes. Naira says he takes good care of everyone, he used to make me understand what’s right and what’s wrong, I told him to become my partner in shivratri dance, I was adamant, I love him, I really love 44Kartik. Naksh recalls their past. He says come to sense, did you lose your mind, come with me. Kartik asks Naksh to leave her. Naksh drags her to the stairs.
He pushes Kartik away. Everyone gets worried. Kartik slaps Naksh. They all get shocked. Kartik says how dare you punish her, just because she loves me, punish me too, I ove her, we will always love each other, I love her and she loves me, and if you……He stops and sees Naira crying. He steps back. He leaves. Naira cries and runs to her room. Akhilesh apologizes to Naksh on Kartik’s behalf. He says he has made a mistake, you can punish him, I have a request, don’t separate them. Devyaani says Kartik did wrong but you did worse. Manish says maybe I would have done the same and then regretted, I m trying to save you from this regret, forget my son and focus on your sister, she loves Kartik, why didn’t she fell in love with someone else. Dadi says their relation is special. Naira cries and says I m sorry, what have I done. Naksh comes to her.
She says sorry and hugs him. He says no, its not your fault. She says sorry, I didn’t know that… He says I m feeling guilty, it was my fault, sorry I couldn’t understand your emotions, be honest with me, there are no expectations and pressure on you, think carefully and tell me, is this what you wish for. She says yes, I love him a lot, I feel safe with him, I feel our relation is special. He says fine, if this is what you wish for, your happiness matters the most to me, I will talk to Kartik before you do.

Kartik is somewhere in the market. Naksh comes to him. Kartik says sorry, I couldn’t realize anything, I m really sorry, if I were in my senses, I would have not done this. Naksh says there is no point in talking about all this, I want to talk about the present and future, everyone feels I m standing as a wall between you and Naira, I made this wall to protect Naira, its fine if she wants this wall to break, we thought she is happy to dance in the dance class, we didn’t know you are reason for her happiness, sorry, my intention wasn’t right, you should tell her the truth, just trust your love, I want the beginning to be honest, she loves you and will understand your love, don’t misunderstand me, I m saying this as she will forgive you, if she knows anything later, she will not forgive you, I didn’t reveal anything as I was afraid of what doctors said, but now you are with her, tel her the truth and hold her hand forever, understand? He leaves. Mishti calls Kartik and says Kuhu is with me, she wants to tell you something. Kuhu says she also wants to tell something. They ask him to tell truth to Naira.
Kartik says fine, but you have to be with me. Mishti agrees. Naksh says you also think its my mistake right, Naira just knows half the truth, what will happen when she learns entire truth, everyone can see Kartik and Naira’s love, none can see my love. Mishti and Kuhu see Naira sitting in the park. Kartik thinks what am I doing, am I going to tell truth, Naira could get angry and leave me, should I lie to her. He says no, I won’t lie. He thinks she loves me. He says we are husband and wife, she doesn’t remember this. He thinks if I say the truth, everyone can end. Naksh says I don’t want my sister to cry, I will bear some pain for big happiness. Kirti gives him water. He says tell something. Everyone comes there. They ask him to agree to Naira, she has forgotten everything, but still loves Kartik. Manish says lets forget it and move forward, I will tell Kartik not to remind the past to Naira.

Kartik comes to Naira. They ask each other if they are happy. She says I m very happy. He says I promise I will keep you happy and always love you, I will never leave you, there won’t be any tensions or fear. She hugs him. Mishti and Kuhu argue. Mishti says sorry for breaking your moment, can you drop us to taxi stand, we have to leave for kutch. Kartik agrees.

Mishti asks did you tell truth to Naira. He says no, I didn’t wish her smile to vanish, sometimes we have to hide some truth for others’ happiness. Mishti thinks would we snatch their smile by telling truth of our issues. She sees Kuhu. Kartik drops them. Naira says all the best. Mishti and Kuhu hug her. Kartik thanks Mishti for coming in their lives. He hugs Mishti. Naira says its Naksh’s call. Manish asks is Kartik with you. She says yes. Dadi says come home and we will tell you. Kartik asks what happened. Everyone say congrats. Naira asks what happened. Dadi says we have fixed your marriage. Kartik asks is Naksh there. Manish says we spoke to him, he has no objection. Naira jumps happily and hugs Kartik, Mishti and Kuhu. Mishti says all the best. Kartik says all the best, your new journey is also starting. He apologizes to Mishti. She says its okay. Kartik and Naira hug. Kuhu asks don’t you want to tell family about the paper, Kartik said its better to hide truth, we are going to Kutch utsav to represent college. Mishti says yes. They argue and leave.
Kartik says I have to hide few things. Lav and Kush ask him to keep the things. Kartik and Naira’s marriage pic falls down.

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