The Episode starts with Dadi warding off bad sight from Kartik and Naira. Naira asks why do you get emotional always, everyone should be happy, smile for me, thanks, were you all so troubled by me that you fixed marriage, you should have taken some time, why did you fix my marriage so soon. Dadi says there was a problem with mahurat, holi is also coming, else we would need to wait for much time. Naira says I just asked, don’t worry. Dadi says we will send shagun mehendi today. Devyaani says you all come here, we will do rasam together. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to come with them and light the diyas. Kartik sees Rishabh and says I m sorry for what I did, but I love my wife, I can do anything for her. Rishabh nods and goes. Naksh says Kartik, you and the family may think that we must not tell truth to Naira, I don’t think so, let me be clear, if you make a mistake this time, I will forget all bonds, Naira won’t be able to stop me.
Naira lights the diyas. Bhabhimaa and Dadi talk about marriage arrangements. Dadi says if Naira asks us something, we will say we are doing this as per shortage of time. Naksh says Kirti, you stood quiet, you didn’t say anything. Kirti says my words, thoughts, opinions don’t matter, no one cares. He asks why are you saying this. She says let it go, what matters is Naira’s happiness, everyone is happy if she is happy. Kartik stops Naira and says you used to like everything about me. She says sorry, I don’t remember. He says its okay. She says its fine, I find out that I like everything about you. He smiles. She kisses on his cheek. He says your brother, family will see. She says you are so scared. He pulls her in arms. Khayal tera….plays…
She says leave me Sid, I mean Kartik. He asks who’s scared now, call me Kartik, Sid or Chunni babu, I won’t let you go, you kissed just one cheek, other cheek can get upset. She kisses him. He says I will see you tonight in your mehendi. He goes and stops. They run and hug again. She hears Naksh saying Rishabh is going. Rishabh thinks of Naira and Kartik. He says I need to move on mentally and from this place, what’s the point, Naira loves only Kartik. He turns and see Naira. He says sorry, I was… I can explain. She keeps his bag and says I have forgotten our relation, but you remember, isn’t it your duty to be part of my happiness, I got a new to make new memories with my old friend. She goes.

Kartik says I have to hide everything from Naira to make new memories. He recalls Naira. Dadi comes to him. She says don’t think much, make a new start, throw this fear aside, stay on your decision, love Naira so much that when she regains her memories, she just remembers your love. Lav and Kush get some stuff to keep and promise that they won’t say anything that hurts Naira. Kartik and Naira’s marriage pic falls down. Surekha gets mehendi rasam plate and says we will take it to Naira. The envelops fall. The pic gets along the envelops. Dadi says you and Naira will unite forever, everything will be fine.
Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talk of Kartik and Naira’s weddings. Devyaani says this time its…. Naira comes and says sorry, I can’t do this marriage. Naksh asks did anyone tell you something. Naira says I can’t leave this house, I can’t leave Krish, sorry. Devyaani laughs and says I thought you spoke to Kartik. Naira says no, how could I stay there without Krish. Naksh says you can come home any time, you play and feed him, you can take him with him for few days. Naira says no, call off the wedding. Kartik says no need for this, we won’t marry if you don’t wan to. He asks her the reason for refusing to marry him. She says I don’t want to leave this house. He says fine, I will stay here, I will skip the work, we will have fun, else we will take them home.

Naira says enough, I understand, stop making fun of me. Everyone laughs. He says I promise Naira, whenever you want to meet them, I will get you out. Naira laughs. Lav says Naira looks cute when she laughs. Kush says we would be there, buy one get one offer. Naira tells their old rap. Surekha says she often recollects old things. Kartik says we heard this at dance class. Manish says we shall start rasam. The pic falls down. Kartik sees Kirti. He goes to Naira and takes Krish from her. He gives Krish to Kirti. Naksh looks on. He says you can’t wash your sins, you snatched baby from Kirti and today from Naira, when Naira remembers this, what will happen. Kartik says I will deal with it, just enjoy for sake of Naira, else she will feel guilty.
Kirti says I can’t live without Krish, why shall I and my baby suffer because of Naira. Kartik sees Naira at the door.

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