The Episode starts with Naira sitting for mehendi. Everyone sings Maari gulaab ka phool…. and dance. Kartik sits with Naira. He writes Kaira on her hand. Dadi and Bhabhimaa smile. Naira says its a nice name. He says Mishti gave this name to us. She says when did she think of this while leaving. Devyaani says how to tell Naira that Mishti gave this name to her many years ago. Kartik does naagin dance around Naksh. Naksh looks on and smiles. The pic flies here and there. Naira sees the pic and goes to take Krish. Kirti gets sad. Devyaani says Naira’s heart is of a mother. Bhabhimaa says if she gets adamant that she won’t do this marriage because of Krish, and if she falls sick then. Naksh says then we will give her Krish. Kirti gets shocked. Naksh says what Kartik did was wrong, we are also wrong, Naira had made a big sacrifice and gave Krish to us, if needed, Kirti and I will do this for her. Kirti cries and goes.

Dadi takes Krish from Naira and asks Naira to apply clove oil on her mehendi so that color comes dark. Kirti cries. She says I won’t give my Krish to Naira. Kartik says I m feeling hungry and goes. Kirti says this time I won’t let anyone decide for me, I will accept everything, but as a mother, I will take all my decisions for my son’s welfare, how can someone think of all this. Kartik asks do you want to eat it, I will feed it to you, your hands are covered with mehendi, I can feed you a kachori. Naira eats it. She bites his finger. Dil to wahi hai….plays…. Kirti comes there. Kartik says I will get sweet chutney and come. He smiles seeing her. Kirti stops him and says come with me for a min. They go. Naira goes to pick the pic. Lav and Kush come in between and hide the pic. She says that pic, it maybe imp. Lav says we will find out, you go and enjoy your mehendi. She nods and goes. Lav says we got saved. Kush says we should take care, we shouldn’t remind her anything, its good if she remembers things on her own.
Kartik asks what’s the matter, tell me. Kirti says I love you and Naira a lot, but this matter is different, don’t mix them, promise me you won’t take this otherwise. He promises. She says whatever happened in Naira and your life has always affected my life the most, I m the one who has suffered a lot, you both had a fight, I lost my Maayka, you both got separated, Naitik went with her to Mumbai, Naksh and his business got affected, he involved in divorce proceedings, and our relation got spoiled, I have always supported you and your love, I don’t want to support at the cost of my family life and child, is this right, whatever happened with me, did I deserve this, why did they snatch my baby from me, when Naira handed Krish to me, I was totally blank, I was confused, I m thankful to her, but I can’t give my baby to her, I will die. She cries. He gets shocked.

Naira says he is strange, he went away. Kirti says I m Naksh’s wife, but Naksh is first a son, then a brother and lastly a husband, I m affected a lot by the disturbed mental peace of this house, he can do anything for Naira’s happiness, I also want to do it but I can’t give Krish, like Naksh is thinking, yes, I heard it, Naksh was saying that if Naira gets unwell by staying away from Krish then he will give Krish to Naira. Naira comes upstairs. Kirti says tell me Kartik, is this right, why is Lord so unfair, why is he testing me, why does it happen with me. She hugs him and cries. She says I have tolerated a lot, not anymore, I can’t bear this, if someone parts me and my baby, I can’t live, Naira has been Naksh’s priority always, I also love her and sympathize with her, why should I suffer because of her. They turn and see Naira. Naira asks what happened, tell me. Kirti says its your marriage, I got emotional thinking of your bidaai.
Naira hugs her. She says I m not leaving you, I will keep coming and meet you, Krish and everyone, you may stop me from visiting often. Kirti goes. Naira asks what else did she tell you. Naira says you have no choice, don’t be sad, bidaai will be mine, not yours, I want to enjoy my marriage, stay happy, come. They come downstairs. Naira says I want to tell something about me, Kartik, our love, my heart has recognized him and as we kept meeting and knew each other, my heart said, he is the one who loves me the most, the one my heart was looking for, he is the one made for me. She smiles.

Naira dances on Mere saiyyan…. Kartik and everyone dance along. Kartik sees Kirti crying.

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