The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira getting tangled in decorative ribbons. He recalls the old moment. He thinks I wish you could hear my heart, I love you Naira. She asks did you say anything, I felt like you are saying something. He says no. She says weird things are happening with me, I felt like today is a very special day, but I can’t remember what it is, even though I tried to know, I can’t get rid of this feeling. He thinks its indeed a special day. Dadi says Kartik and Naira’s relation should get a chance, I will talk to them. She comes to Singhania house. Dadi says you always have a right on Krishna, I told you before also. Dadi takes Krish from him and asks do I have rights on Naira.

He says you are here because of Kirti and Krish, I respect it, don’t complicate these relations. Manish asks what, why did mum go there, everyone knows Naksh’s mood, everything will get ruined if he tells her something. Akhilesh says I m also afraid for this. Kartik signs Naira to wait, and begins untangling the ribbons. They fall down. Dadi says we also maintain relations, being an elder, I m asking you to talk to me. Dadi says you will listen to me today. Kartik and Naira try to get up. Rahaatein….plays…. Naira gets up and turns dizzy. She falls down.
Kartik asks are you fine. Naksh says tell your family that I will decide for Naira now. Dadi says she is our bahu and Kartik’s wife, none can deny this. Naksh says I request you, not to talk about this, its wrong to separate two lovers, they always united because we supported them, if we don’t support them, how will they unite, we have to decide, if our anger is imp or their love. Kartik says we will go to some doctor now, I m all messed up. Naira says Kartik…. I m feeling low, like I have no energy, I need some sweets, chocolate or toffee. He says I can’t see any shop here. He checks and gets a cake box from back seat. He says have this cake, I hope you will feel better. Dadi says their love has always won, who are we to get against them. Naksh says we faced difficulty in convincing her that she is our family member, don’t hurt her.

Dadi says you love her, why don’t you know that her happiness is with Kartik, let us explain her that we are her family. Manish, Akhilesh and Surekha come. Naksh says don’t say filmi lines, I won’t get in your emotional blackmail. Manish says they both need each other, they are incomplete. Naksh asks what happened when you had ousted Naira, did they got incomplete that time. Devyaani says Naksh is saying the truth. Naksh argues with Dadi. Kirti asks Dadi not to drag this matter. Dadi says I have come to end the matter. Naksh says we don’t want to keep any relations with your family, your house will always be Kirti’s Maayka. Kartik drops Naira. She says I m feeling better.
He asks would you manage to go home alone. She says yes, you said it won’t look good if you come. He thinks I couldn’t even wish you. She picks her purse from backseat and goes. He thinks you remember things related to us, what will happen when you remember the child. Bhabhimaa consoles Dadi. Manish asks Dadi to come home. Naira comes home. They see Naira. Naira greets them. Dadi tries to talk. Naksh asks Naira how did she come along, go to her room and clean the chocolate from her face. She goes. Naira says what will I answer her. Dadi says tell her the truth. He says no way, please leave. Naira sits to write her diary… it was a strange day, what would be Sid thinking about me, he is sweet, he came to drop me home, whenever we are together, something strange happens, who spoils a friend’s cake for someone else. She gets a gift from her purse. She finds a bracelet and wears it.
Kartik sees Naira and smiles. He sees her with Rishabh.

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