The Episode starts with Rishabh asking about green rooms. The man takes him. Kartik looks on. Naira gets ready as Parvati. Music plays… The girl compliments her. Kartik follows Rishabh. Rishabh turns to see. Kartik hides. Rishabh goes. Guard stops Kartik and says you can’t go in, just participants can go. Naira says he saw the message, but didn’t reply, he is ignoring me. Kartik says let me go in, I have a small work. Guard says no, sorry. Naira says fine if its his no, I will move on. She sees Sid in the mirror. She says its happening again. Guard asks Kartik to leave. Naira says why am I so crazy for Sid. Naksh says I would have not come knowing they are coming. Dadi says Kartik went so that Naira doesn’t get hurt.

Naira starts dancing. Jatatavi….plays….  Rishabh finds the door locked. He checks the door. Everyone claps for Naira. Kartik comes on the stage as Shiv. Om….plays…. Kartik and Naira dance. Everyone smiles. Naira says you said you won’t come. Kartik says I had to come. Guard says don’t know who locked the door, a man had come, wait, I will get duplicate key. Rishabh asks him to go fast. He says I don’t know I will reach there before my entry, I must call Naksh, there is no network.
Dadi says just Kartik should play Shiv if Naira is Parvati. Naksh says I didn’t know Rishabh dances so well. Devyaani says the blue color isn’t revealing Rishabh’s face. 
Dadi looks on and thinks this boy resembles Kartik, if he is Kartik, what’s the harm. Water falls on Kartik’s face. He sees the blue color getting off. Kirti asks Naksh to get Krish’s medicine from the car. Kartik applies red color to half of his face. Rishabh sees Naksh and shouts. Naksh goes. Kartik takes the red color and throws on Naira’s maang. He showers flower on her. Rishabh asks guard to open the door fast. Guard unlocks the door. Rishabh says I have to tell Naksh that someone is purposely doing this. Kartik and Naira hold hands. A cloth falls on them. Everyone claps.

Naira says it looks like a dream. Kartik says better, I can do anything, but I can never upset you. She smiles. Rishabh runs after Naksh and says I need to find Naira first, whoever played this prank with me might be with her. He goes to see. It gets windy. Rishabh helps a shop vendor. Kartik and Naira see the windy weather and leave. Rishabh comes there. The man says its a storm, run. Everyone runs to leave. Manish says we have two cars, we should leave fast, Naksh go to Naira, we are with Kirti and baby. Kirti says I can’t handle Krish alone, Naksh be with me. Naksh says be with your family, I will go to Naira. Manish says don’t worry Kirti, we are with you. Dadi asks Bhabhimaa to come. Naksh calls out Naira. Rishabh shouts Naksh.
Kartik and Naira run. The man says watch out. They see the huge structure falling. Kartik shouts Naira. She shouts Kartik. O more saiyyan….plays…. Kartik holds Naira and stops the structure. Dadi says what’s this new thing happening. Rishabh asks the men to lift the structure. He sees Kartik’s ring and recalls the person who locked the door. Kartik asks Naira are you okay. He sprinkles water on her. She gets up and says Sid…. Rishabh looks on.

Kartik washes his face. Rishabh thinks is Kartik really Sid. Naira says Rishabh wasn’t my dance partner, he was Sid.

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