The Episode starts with Mishti and Kuhu suggesting Ketki about the options she has. Nidhi says we will choose the first option, Ketki is right, she should come back, we shall refuse to the groom’s family. Groom’s mum comes and asks what’s happening. Parul says kesari milk for Samdhi ji. Meenakshi says I was scolding the children to come home soon, my son’s car broke down, I will go and pick my sons, you have breakfast, I will just come. Meenakshi sees Mishti’s earring by zooming in the pic. Mishti returns Ketki’s phone and says I had called your mum. Ketki asks what did you do, Fui can come here. Meenakshi comes to the Kutch utsav. Sne says only cowards and absconders leave the family, only family cares for the person’s good. Kuhu asks Ketki not to worry. Abir says don’t  call mum here, don’t get an earthquake here, Ketki can’t tell anything in front of Big Ben. He doesn’t see his mum around.
Mishti asks Ketki to call her family. Kunal asks Abir to keep his phone. Meenakshi looks for Ketki. Ketki calls Nidhi and says sorry. Meenakshi answers the call. The phone gets off. Meenakshi calls Ketki from her phone. Ketki gets scared. Kunal and Abir look for Ketki.
Ketki asks Mishti why did you call my family, my family isn’t like yours, you are lucky, your parents might listen to me. Mishti cries thinking how her mum and dad left her. Abir comes there. He asks for Ketki. The man says this girl is in room number 10. Mishti says my parents and my family, you know them, they didn’t show any care for me. Abir stops and hears their conversation. Mishti says my mum got remarried, you have no idea how it feels to lose your family, how it feels to wait for your dad. Abir thinks I m also waiting for my dad. Mishti says you are lucky Ketki. Ketki says sorry, I didn’t know this. Kuhu comes and says its our performance now. Abir gets in. Kuhu takes Ketki with her by other door. Abir rushes and the door gets shut. Abir knocks and sees the other door getting shut as well. He shouts open the door. He calls Kunal. He messages Kunal. He hears Mishti crying.

Abir pacifies her. He gives her a kerchief and says life is always strong, we should have strength. Kunal opens the door and gets in. He asks are you okay. Abir says I m fine. He asks Mishti to take care. He goes. Mishti gets ready for her performance. Abir says Ketki was here, she was talking to this girl, we shall ask her. He sees Mishti gone. Kunal says its fine, we will find Ketki. Abir gets his kerchief back and recalls Mishti’s words.
Mishti recalls Rajshri’s words and goes on the stage. Kuhu sings which song is Mishti going to sing. Mishti sings Kehta hai ye pal…… Kuhu cries and gets down the stage. Meenakshi comes to the same room and gets Mishti’s earring. Abir sees her and goes. Abir sees Mishti performing on the stage. She gets emotional and cries. Everyone claps for her. She goes aside. Kuhu says I hate her, she wants to snatch everything from me, we had to perform together, she took away all the applaud, we got a friend Ketki, we wanted to help her, but she came in between, I have saved Ketki. Meenakshi hears Kuhu. She goes on stage and calls out Ketki. Everyone looks on. Meenakshi asks Ketki to come to her soon. She says I m worried for you, Ketki come to me. Mishti looks for Ketki. Ketki recalls Mishti’s words and runs to Meenakshi. She hugs Meenakshi. Abir and Kunal smile. Everyone claps. Mishti smiles. Meenakshi asks Ketki is she fine. Mishti says Ketki is so lucky, her family is here to take her. Mishti cries and runs somewhere. Kuhu asks her to stop. She runs after Mishti.

Mishti says Badi Amma is my mum and dad now. Kuhu says I hate you, we selected the song and we had to perform, you changed the song and won by crying on stage, you are selfish, you came to my house and stole my family, I hate you, you are in my life just to hurt me. Mishti says I didn’t do this to hurt you. Kuhu says you always do this. Mishti says you don’t care for others. Kuhu asks why shall I think of you, just go away forever. She sees Naman. She says you have a chance, your dad is here, just go to him. Mishti gets shocked seeing Naman. Kuhu asks will you do to him. Mishti recalls her childhood.
Abir says I have to talk to you. Meenakshi says rasam can’t happen now. Abir hears Mishti and says Lord has sent me to solve your problem.

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