Naagin 3: Bela discloses pregnancy to Mahir Bela to welcome baby child
The most awaited time has come when Mahir and Bela will also turn proud parents.

In the ongoing storyline, Mahir Bela and Vikrant are protecting Vish and the baby child from devil Hukum.

However, Mahir and Bela fail to complete the ritual of burning the devil and evilness inside Baby girl.

Meanwhile, Mahir comes to know about Bela's pregnancy and now the surprised hubby confronts Bela.

Mahir and Bela's new challenge 
Bela finally discloses her pregnancy to Mahir while Mahir adores her and shares warm hug.
The duos are welcoming their baby child while on the other side, they have to fight Hukum.

It would be quite interesting to watch how Bela will the end Hukum's game.

Will Mahir and Bela protect their coming child from this evil world?

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