Naagin 3: Hukum kidnapped Vish Vikrant little baby girl the battle begins
The upcoming episode in Naagin 3 will witness further high time melodrama in the series,

Naagin Bela has opened her war against the devil villain Hukum.

Meanwhile, Hukum gets hold of his baby child while Bela is crossing the huge sea.

Hukum is unaware of the reality that the child is girl, not boy.

While here Bela, Mahir, Vish, and Vikrant get in action to save the baby girl.

Hukum's bad time begun 
The devil Hukum has called for party as he gets the baby child.

Where Mahir, Bela, Vish, and Vikrant come together to the end Hukum's evil game.

It would be quite interesting to watch how Bela and Vish will protect the baby girl.

Stay tune for more upcoming latest updates.

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