Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: The heartbreaking reality behind Anurag Prerna reunion in jail

The coming up episode will see an interesting twist that will happen like never before.

Anurag is really feeling guilty of what he has done with his lady love Prerna.

Thus Anurag decides to apologize to Prerna and there he comes to meet Prerna in jail.

Anurag thereby confesses the reality to Prerna, he hugs her and confesses his true love to her while he explains the real truth behind marrying Komolika.

The duos are promising the love that suddenly there comes Komolika who exposes Anurag's fake love drama to her and true love for Perna.
Anurag scary nightmare 
Komolika will warn to ruin Anurag and Basu Family while she will also make sure to separate him away from Prerna and never let them reunite.

But the twist in tale is that it will be all Anurag's scary dream sequence which he will imagine while meeting to Prerna.

Let see what will happen next in the show as if Anurag be able to prove his loyalty to Prerna.

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