The Episode starts with Prerna arguing with everyone. Mohini and Komolika ask Prerna to behave with manners. Prerna says I m not a vamp like you Komolika, you can play plans to snatch someone’s rights, I would tolerate everything but you involved my mum, how dare you go to my home and insult her. Komolika reads the papers once again. Anurag gets angry. Komolika asks how about this Prerna. He asks what is this nonsense, its a cheat. Mohini says no, its not wrong, she did this to save her marriage. Nivedita asks Anupam to keep quiet. Mohini says Prerna did this and now she is getting an answer. Prerna says Anurag knows the truth. Anurag thinks I can’t support you, I don’t know what Komolika will do with you. Prerna says I know he won’t say anything. Nivedita says Prerna is a selfish woman,  she is very self centred, I m happy that Komolika did this.
Prerna says my mum asked me to spread love and win everyone’s hearts, if you do wrong, I won’t sit quiet, stop talking to me like this, that I answer back and humiliate you. Mohini asks Anurag to see her true colors. She says she always took advantage of your goodness, she has sent Komolika to jail and tarnished our reputation. She asks Prerna to go and pack her bags. She says Komolika is this house’s Bahu, you can never ever be my bahu. Prerna says you think I m scared seeing these papers, go ahead and collect more papers, you all took advantage of my unconscious state, these papers will not be accepted, as I signed in intoxicated state. She takes the papers and makes Komolika fall. Mohini says she has gone crazy. Anurag asks are you fine. Komolika says I will deal with you later. Prerna says you tried to ruin my life by using these papers, you can’t break the relation blessed by Lord. She burns the papers. 
They get shocked. Prerna asks Komolika what will she do now, she never faced Prerna Sharma before. She says you remember how you failed. Anurag thinks superb, Komolika should get this answer.

Komolika claps. She says you said all rubbish, you do care, these papers will exist in court, you called me amateur, I m not, I never lose, by the way, these papers, you should have checked them before burning, it was a photocopy, the original papers are with me, you think I will give you original papers and watch you burn them, do anything, you can never reach there by anyone’s help, that gang of women NGO, you don’t call them, this time they will throw you our, this time I m the wife and you are the second woman. She goes to call her lawyer. She sees the original papers and gets happy. Mishka sees her keeping the papers in the cupboard. She hides the keys. She says no one should know about this key. Mishka thinks Komolika is too smart.

Prerna says I have to get the papers some how, Komolika spiked my drink and made me sign the papers. Anupam comes and says tit for tat, Komolika won by cheating us, we will cheat her, I also want you and Anurag to win, and Komolika gets away. Veena says yes, Anupam is the only one in that house who is with you. Prerna says I signed the confession papers. Anupam says I have an idea but don’t think you both have guts. Prerna asks him to say. He tells his plan. He asks how is it, tell me. Shivani smiles.
Anurag thinks to win Komolika’s trust, she thinks I still have feelings for Prerna, I need to change this, I have to make her believe me. He goes to convince Komolika. He says I can see you are upset, what happened. She says leave, its the limit, Prerna remembers everything but you don’t remember. He says I was intoxicated, tell me, did I embarrass you by dancing. She says you married Prerna again. He asks really. She says no, I m joking. He says its a big mistake, I m sorry, I was intoxicated, you can’t punish me for this, you can punish me, you are my baby. She smiles. He says forgive me, we can get rid of Prerna soon. She says I won’t forgive you next time, I m going to decide how to oust Prerna, I don’t need your help. He says as you say, I m with you, I m only yours. She says you very cute when you are angry. He says you forgave me. She says yes. Prerna says forget it. Shivani says its a great idea, Komolika can’t think of this, take your time. Prerna says fine, if no one identifies us, what about Anurag. Anupam says we will have an entry when he goes to office, Anu out and we will be in. Shivani laughs.

Its morning, Komolika gets Anurag’s phone. She asks him to give her a kiss if he wants the phone. She says a goodbye kiss, I know, you get a little nervous, its okay. He thinks I m in trouble, what to do that she doesn’t doubt on me, and I get saved from kidding her. He smiles. He goes close to kiss her. He says mom… and takes his phone. He says promise, we will meet in the evening. She thinks Anurag are you really on my side or playing any game.
Komolika asks who are you. Prerna says we are from IT dept, I m Happy Singh, we have come to make you unhappy, its a raid in your house.

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