Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Mia eavesdrop on Kulfi Amyra plans big blaster
In the daily TV Prime time show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,

Kulfi and Amyra are having open cold war in the Gurukul while Mia is keeping close eye on them.

Mia goes suspicious of their bitter relationship when she finds them arguing on the stage.

Where the practice session is on the head, Mia turns for the close spy eye on Amyra and Kulfi’s bonding amid the classes.

And this brings opportunity for her when Amyra insults Kulfi and her Benaam’ group.
Kulfi and Amyra’s cold war
The viewers will get to see cold war amid Kulfi and Amyra as Kulfi also learned to fight back Amyra.

It will be super exciting to watch what will be Mia’s next move to misuse Kulfi and Amyra’s conflict to boost up the TRP of her show.

Keep reading for next update.

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