Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's silent move against evil Mama Puru
In the upcoming celebration, once again the evil will take over the good.

Mansi is already facing the terror of Purushuttom that Naira also turns victim to his evilness and his lusty intentions.

While the wedding gala is on the head, Purushottom molests Naira amid Naira dances with the family ladies.

Mansi is really pissed off with Purushottom’s increasing evilness that Naira here keeps silence and doesn't reacts to Purushottam.

But this is the silence before the coming drastic storm in Purushottam's life as Naira determined to end his game.
Naira exposes Purushottam 
Kartik will soon catch Purushottam red-handed molesting Naira.

It would be highly intense to watch how Naira will the end Purushottam's game.

What will be Kartik's reaction on knowing Purushottam's dirty intentions?

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